A correctly designed, built and marketed website provides small businesses a very inexpensive yet very effective method to…

* advertise 24 hours per day without the exhorbitant expense of magazine advertisements * change details as the need arises not when your advertising contract expires! * get one up on local competitors who refuse to leave the offline advertising arena * nurture and develop existing relationships with current customers * facilitate regular purchases * solidify customer lifetime loyalty * build new sales

If you are a Local business owner in a small to mid-sized market like Charlottesville, Virginia, or Harrisonburg, Virginia, you need to know how to do Internet Marketing For Local Businesses. You also want your business Website to show up in the top ten listings of the SERP’s (search engine results pages) for the search engines for the keywords you use. Online marketing for offline businesses, necessitates that you learn various Search Engine Optimization techniques.

What follows are some hot tricks on the best way to conduct Search Engine Marketing: 1. Work with how the major search engines perform 2. Imagine the type of keyword phrases that your visitors would type into the search window 3. Try to incorporate those keywords into your Website 4. When you’ve pictures in your site, be sure to attach “alt text” tags containing your keywords so that the SE’s to “read” them. 5. The words should be included in the URL

For you to do Online Marketing For Local Businesses, these 5 steps are extremely critical.

The title tag is HTML code which creates the words in the blue bar at the top of the web browser. The title tag should include the top terms. Your title tag itself can not be seen on your Website (unless you look at the actual source code) but will be featured in text form when the search engines display their results. It is important to include terms that entice the visitor to your site in your title tag. Don’t forget: Your title tag, displayed in the SERP (search engine results page), will usually be the first thing a searcher sees and “You don’t get a second chance at your first impression”.

After you have completed the required changes to your Website, it can still take a bit of time for the search engines to recognize that fact and move your web site up the search ladder.

Be sure that the body copy is cut-off to around 300 words and that the most relevant terms are injected throughout the page rather than simply pasting them in one part of your page.

Keep these tips in mind and be patient after completing all the needed changes to your Website — you will be pleasantly surprised to watch the SE’s boost your site’s rating. Continue to use different SEO methods to ensure that your site remains on top if you want to do Online Marketing For Local Businesses.

That’s a sure-win strategy for to Market Your Business On The World Wide Web… I’ll look for you in the “top ten”!