Here’s a very old and common question: “How can I make money today?” To do that, it’s absolutely basic to have a great product. Here’s how to tell if you have that sort of product to sell, either as an affiliate, a resell rights product or your own.

Firstly, before you get a product of any sort you must look in your niche and see what worries, problems and questions people have. Then get a product that will remove those worries, solve that problem and give solid answers to those questions. Ask yourself: “Why would anyone want to buy it?” It may be the greatest software, or a thousand page ebook packed full of information, or the smoothest and clearest audio, video and ecourse anyone has ever seen. But it won’t sell unless it solves worries, problems or questions. Ask yourself: “Would I buy this product in this niche today?”

Secondly, it must help the masses. Your neighbour, uncle George, and your spouse may find it all very interesting and even be willing to buy it. But you’d hardly call it a way to make money today. As with your research in the first point, there must also be enough people wanting such a product, and willing to buy it. If there aren’t, then you won’t make any money worth talking about. So, deal with the masses.

Thirdly, your product must be original in some way, or preferably unique. You could take another type of product and make some additions to it or streamline it in some way. Whatever you need to do without actually copying the first product. On the other hand, you may have an idea that is unique and has not been thought of before. For example, you might have a unique way of communicating with customers that is nowhere on the market. The problem with these methods? They take time beyond today. The quickest way to sell such a product today is be an affiliate for one – so you’ll have to search around for it, but it can be found today.

Fourthly, just as you might be thinking: “I want to make money today”, your potential customer is thinking: “I want a solution to my worries/problem/question today, in fact immediately.” They have to “see” in their mind’s eye as they read your copy on a sales site or email or blog that this is indeed their immediate solution. And then, when they download it, it had better be the fast solution they expected. Otherwise, it’s refunds and a bad name in your niche.

Fifthly, even better than seeing in their mind’s eye is the visitor or reader actually seeing it working, or at least operating, in front of them immediately. That is, you can show them how it works or will be useful. Now, of course, this is easiest with scripts or software right on the page. However, you could show the effects of information in an ebook or ecourse on your and others’ bottom line. Or show small demonstrations of parts of the information’s instructions. This is where testimonials, too, can be so important: telling how it works, and possibly showing how parts of the information work in their business. Again, these last things take time, so software is probably best so you can make money today.

To make money today then you ideally need an affiliate software product that can be shown to work on the page your visitors read. It also needs to be original, solves worries, problems or questions in your niche, and appeals to the masses.