Realities of the crashing global economy live millions of people without jobs with many turning online to make money online. Thanks to the internet for million job opportunities it presents for one to make online income using his or her knowledge and experience. One such a lucrative business opportunity to make money online is internet network marketing. Simply put, using internet to network with your prospects and market your product or service.

A proven effective way to successfully execute internet network marketing is to increase your email opt-in rate. By it I mean attracting many people to subscribe to your website or blog allowing you to build a massive email listing thereby increasing your chances of making sales and profiting from it. No matter what your business is, the bottom line is to find targeted, qualified prospects, who can be converted into buyers of your product or service so that you can make money online. This is the name of the game in internet network marketing.

If you have been trying to make some descent dollars online using your website or blog, you may have stumbled across this popular phrase “Money is in the list”. In the 7 simple steps discusses below, I will show you why this statement is true.

1. Design opt-in form to optimize subscription

The most important aspect of increasing your opt-in rate is to have an opt-in form that is crafted to optimize and convert as many visitors as possible into subscribers. Your opt-in form must be prominent (displayed clearly), compelling and easy (asking for name and email address only).

2. Offer free service or product in your blog or website

Internet is so full of garbage that internet users seeking to make money online these days have become smart users. They will only give away their personal details in return for something. That is understandably human nature indeed. Visitors to your site don’t know who you are. So if you are the type who tries to make a sale during the first contact with your prospect, you have higher chance of failure. That is why I love to use the concept “Giving first and proving your worth”. Such a simple concept but a success determining factor when it comes to internet network marketing and earning money online.

Offering something free had double impact. Firstly, it acts as bait for your visitors to subscribe to your site and adding to your email listing. Secondly, it allows your visitors to see you as an expert or authority in that particular product or service you offer.

You free offer could be anything related to your business. A free Ebook, report, consultation, podcast or video. If you free offer helps someone solve his or her problem, than you are on the right track and expect that person to subscribe to your site.

3. Offer something of highly perceived value

What your site offers is the key to the type of visitor your attract, what kind of traffic and potential for leads and return visitors and subscription that increases your opt-in rate and earns you few bucks online. If you want to build a massive email listing, offer a reason, and I mean a specific one for your visitors to visit your site and subscribe. Give them solid reasons to return to your site for more. If you can do that, you have better chance of making money online.

4. Build credibility and trust for your website or blog

Simple act of creating a website or blog doesn’t guarantee that people will visit your site and subscribe. No way in the whole world. You have to build your credibility in order to earn trust from internet users. In the cyber world today, no one trusts anyone unless you prove to someone you deserve their trust and this is no rocket science. A professionally and aesthetically presented website or blog with rich content, relevant, and frequently updated stands a better chance of being successful. The common internet phrase ‘If you build it, they will come’ becomes a reality in this respect. Visitors will be understandably suspicious if your site has glaring grammatical errors and dull design. Make your site engaging, convincing, informative and entertaining. This will increase your email opt-in rate and improve your success rate.

5. Be specific

Internet users search for specific items or information online. Make it your duty to research and find out what the internet users are searching for. Tailor your contents to meet the users demand so you can capture internet market share and profit from it. If you answer their specific needs they will come to you for more. You can use tools like Google adword, Google Trend or Google Insight. Hotly searched keywords can be sources from Yahoo buzz, Google hot searchers, and AOL hot searches. Bottom line is to provide a solution to someone so that her/she subscribes to your site increasing your email listing.

6. Experiment different ways of increasing email opt-in rate

Those that succeed by making money online are the ones that keep liberal mind, take risks, fail, learn from it and better their techniques. There are countless ways to attract visitors to your site and to subscribe increasing your opt-in rate. Try out different ways before you select one that works best for you. You can promote your site in social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Digg, Pinterest and many others you can source online.

7. Use author–respond service

Opt-in email lists are biggest asset to your business but if time is a scarce commodity to you, you can take the easy way out by using auto respond services available online.


If you want to make extra money or eve more online, these are 7 powerful ways you can use to increase you opt-in rate and build a massive email list for your internet network marketing business or just other business.

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