It is no joke. Videos are literally taking over the Internet as one of the fastest growing categories of Internet traffic. Many experienced marketers are now using videos to drive their sales, and earn ongoing commissions. If you are not using videos to earn affiliate commissions, you should urgently reconsider this part of your business plan.

Videos are cool because they help to get your message to people who hate to read. Think about it! How many e-books, manuals, and other stuff do you having waiting to be read? The list can be endless. When you are seriously looking for ways to earn affiliate commissions online, you should consider this problem and help your potential customers to avoid the pain. Here’s why? Your customers are probably suffering from the same problem as you are. This means they already have too much to read. Present them with a solution, and you could get the sale.

By offering videos, you can quickly get your message across to your customers in an lighter, more entertaining format, and leave him feeling good about his purchase. If you are looking to solve a problem, you certainly do not want to add another problem on top of the first before you present the solution. Reading a 150-page e-book just to get to the meat of the content may not be the ideal way to sell your customers the solution you have.

Helping people to get to a solution quickly without attracting another problem is going to help you earn more affiliate commissions faster. Additionally, your videos can be snazzy, funny, or just cute. Don’t forget that humour not withstanding, you want your central point to be very clear.

Finally, videos are a great way to earn extra commissions online because search engines seem to really like them. When you upload videos to YouTube, and other popular video hosting sites, you start a viral process that may take your videos literally to the end of the earth! That being said, the better the quality of the video, the better off you will be. Quality will always be a positive factor in any sales transaction. What better way to promote your quality product than with a quality video?