Let’s start the year out with an encouraging note and talk about what every aspiring entrepreneur dreams of: business success! To achieve good results out of our plans or attempt to sell products or provide services to the general public, this is what anyone who starts a business wants at some point.

To own a successful business is one part of the American Dream. The 6 to7 figure income, 4–hour work days, popularity, authority, peer respect, all the things that money can buy, and yeah, even the crazy people and all the name-calling. Just like living through baseball fame for sure.

We all have our own idea of business success; we also have our own ideas of how we can achieve it. There are some who go for the get-rich quick schemes. Yet, many set out for success through hard work believing that there lies within them the potential to become better and to improve their life using the strength of their body, mind and spirit even though the process is a long and difficult one.

My own road to business success is a tough one. Running a blog and building a network is not easy. The mental drain, the physical burn-out, failed expectations, the money losses, the crazy people and all the name-calling. I tell you, there’s a point you start second-guessing if you really want this.

But then this is exactly what sets the really successful people apart from the mediocre ones. Those that are at the top, WANT to be at the top!

You have to choose to want to be at the top. I chose to want to be at the top! It was a choice I made consciously from the very beginning before going into this. It helped a lot that I wanted this because in wanting this business, and in wanting this to succeed, gave me the drive to go through all of the setbacks. I didn’t count the time, the energy and the resources that this takes up. You’ve got to want this…for yourself, for your family, for whatever reason, and only until then will you find a certain responsibility, a kind of obligation, sort of a sense of devotion or dedication towards a family commitment, to see things all the way through until you reach the top.

Are you ready for your own business success? Do you want it enough to see things through? Look at yourself in comparison to what real successful people are truly made of. Do you have what it takes to reach the top?

1. The really successful people are never content with their level of success. They’re never satisfied with what they have already accomplished but just relentlessly go and do all the time. They set higher goals repeatedly. They reach their goal of 2000 subscribers then think again of how they can reach the next 500. They reach their first 6-figure income and work harder to reach 7-figures. They have the habit of thinking out of the box. They don’t settle down at the comfort zone. They plan out new ideas and try out new strategies while knowing the risks involved. They are courageous and push themselves to new heights. For them, there is no failing, only lessons.

2. The really successful people have the ability to think ahead. They expect and prepare for the worst. They can envision possible future problems and obstacles. They take a look at what’s practical, decide on doing what’s realistic, get themselves ready with the knowledge and expertise and then set out confidently, certain that they have the ability, judgment and resources needed to make things work. They don’t look back. They stand up for their decisions. They keep going with the assurance that they will triumph eventually.

3. Successful people know that they are held accountable for everything. They understand that they are in a position where people have the right to criticize them and ask why something happened and that they need to explain their actions. They never point blame, they solve the problem instead. They don’t hold someone else responsible for something wrong or unfortunate that has happened with their company. They own up to the responsibilities of their business and all the problems that go with it. They find answers and find a way to deal with each problem and difficulty successfully.

4.The really successful people know true value. And believe it or not, they know it’s not just money that’s important. It’s more about creating an overall satisfactory experience for everyone involved with them. It’s about the worth, the importance, the usefulness of what they bring to people. It’s about building relationships and sustaining those relationships. It’s about helping people and giving them opportunities to improve their life. It’s about forming accepted principles and strong characters. For them, the entire journey is the real reward.

It’s absolutely necessary to develop the attitude and disposition of a successful person. With the right mindset and character, you’ll start your business right and you’ll certainly reap the rewards of business success in due time.