A good number of merchants and affiliates alike regard affiliate marketing as a great method for achieving a steady and reliable income. However, not every affiliate marketing campaign is successful. Whether you’re a potential affiliate or a merchant, it’s important that you first understand some of the more common affiliate marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Here are some of the common mistakes:

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 1: Thinking a link to a merchant is enough to get the job done.

Users should be enticed to click. Marketing is pervasive and users know they’re being targeted. Advertisers, including affiliate marketers, are finding it ever more difficult to succeed as consumers become more and more savvy. Web browsers encounter pop-ups, pop-unders, banner ads, sidebar ads and sponsored results. What’s more, hyperlinks are everywhere – handheld devices like the iPhone have even rendered phone numbers as links. The modern-day website has become a virtual mine-field, leading present-day customers reluctant to hover their mouse over a link, much less click on one unless they’re convinced it will lead them to a desirable outcome. Before you do anything, you need to take your customer’s needs and wants into consideration. Only when you understand what motivates the customer can you begin the work of convincing them to click on your link with graphics and copywriting. The more heavy lifting you do for the merchant, the more likely you’ll be to see commissions.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 2: Assuming a link to the merchant will lead to a sale. An enticing link and a great product description can not save you if what you are selling isn’t what the customer is looking for. Do not overlook lower placement in an affiliate network hierarchy for a popular item and conversely, don’t be too quick to accept higher-tiered placement for a lousy product.

Affiliate Mistake #3 Falling behind on trends. Best marketing practices are a moving target. Successful marketers know that they need to change their tactics constantly to keep ahead.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 4: Thinking affiliate marketing will be an automatic path to success. Affiliate marketing is a job and you’ll have to do your part to make it a successful business. If work is not what you’re looking to do, you should consider another road to riches.

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