Online advertising is the next evolutionary step in advertising for business. The facts show that more and more people are using the internet to both research products and in a growing number of cases, purchase them online as well. Online Advertising also offers something which traditional advertising, such as print and media cannot – detailed reporting. This leads to the benefit of being able to adjust your advertising on the fly to maximise exposure and target your advertising spend.

Google has developed two programs which can assist you in not only advertising online, but to also allow you to make money in return through advertising space.

1. Google Adwords Google Adwords is the online marketing tool that Google has developed which integrates with Google itself. You can therefore be assured it is not only an extremely powerful and reliable tool, but you are also tapping into the largest exposure pool on the internet. Google Adwords offers you three powerful benefits;

Targeted reach – you write your ads that will appear only when users search on terms you specify as relevant to your products and services. Greater control – daily reporting shows where your ad campaigns can be refined and allows you to do this daily. Measurable value – no minimum spend and you only pay for the actual clicks on your ads means your advertising dollar will have a much higher ROI. Complete control, the ability to rapidly change ads to optimise performance and ROI calculated on actual numbers – there is no denying Google Adwords is an extremely beneficial tool to your online presence.

2. Google Adsense Google Adsense can make you money through offering advertising space on your website. Implementing this to your website is straight-forward and is supported by a strong set of rules which mean only applicable ads are shown.

There are two methods for Adsense to be implemented;

Adsense for Search – allows you to provide Google Web and site search to your visitors and to earn money from displaying Google Ads on the search results. Adsense for Content – automatically searches your website content and delivers well-matched ads that are relevant to your audience and your website content. You can customise and easily implement the appearance of the ads to match your website. Set your filtering rules to ensure only ads which are acceptable to you are shown on the site. Google also reviews all ads to ensure inappropriate ads are not displayed on your site. With this you can take full control of the advertising space on your site and be assured it does not cause detriment to your online presence. In both cases, whether you are paying for targeted advertising or implementing targeted advertising on your website, Google Adwords and AdSense offer you a proven, powerful and industry leading set of applications in which to implement targeted advertising into your online strategy.