If you find yourself often turning your phone on and off, you are probably annoyed at how long it might take to startup. This is caused by the fact that on startup, your phone has to activate certain apps that have been designated to automatically turn on when the phone is activated. While some of these apps might be essential, chances are there are plenty of those that you don’t need and that are only making it more difficult for your phone to power up. If you’re been running into this kind of problem, the apps listed here just might be able to help you.


Quite ironically, this app takes quite a bit of time to start, but that is only so because of the fact that it is using that time to accumulate data it needs to provide you with the all the possible ways to improve your phone’s startup time. Once it’s done loading, you’ll be presented with a ton of info on launch apps, and ways to stop them from initiating. The apps are listed under the platforms that run them, so you might have to do a bit of browsing before you find them all, but this extra work is definitely worth it, as you’ll be able to find and remove all the apps that are causing you trouble. In order for the app to work, though, your phone needs to be rooted. You can try the free version of the app, but if you want full functionality, you’ll need to pay $3.

Startup Auditor

This app loads much more quickly, and instantly presents you with a list of auto start apps. Most of them will be apps activated on launch, but the app will also give you a list of apps that are automatically activated in other instances. You can easily choose to disable an app on launch, or to prevent it from activating when triggered by some other event. The phone doesn’t have to be rooted for this app to be effective, and it is impossible to damage your phone when using it, since all the changes can be easily undone. Likewise, since the app isn’t changing any of the phone’s settings, but instead directly stops the apps that try to activate, you can uninstall it before reverting the changes, and have your phone work exactly like it was before installing the app. Simple to use and very effective, the only downside of this app is that it won’t always detect every single autostart app. There is a free version of the app out there, but since full version only costs $1, you don’t really have to bother with it.

Startup Manager

This straightforward app comes with three sections, for system apps, those prompted to autostart by the user, and those that were added to startup automatically upon installation. You can easily check the boxes beside apps that you want to start on their own, or uncheck those that you don’t. Likewise, you can also add new apps that you want to automatically start, even if they’re not on the list. The app works without rooting your phone, but you should revert the changes made before uninstalling it. You can get the free version of the app, but the paid version that costs $3 is recommended.