So as I said we’ve done some great shoots recently with local auckland models, we’re building up content such as music videos and video presentations, getting all the youtube, tumblr, twitter stuff all sorted so we’re ready to launch a website for these models. But from there, I’ve got to have a plan, and I use this blog to go over some of my long term plans to launch concepts that will put my get my models working and into modelling jobs.


I go on a bit here. I make a point of not getting too many ideas into a new models head, you need to go with it and take it as it comes, worrying about 2 or 3 years down the track is not going to do you any good, but I’m the guy who has to have a plan – many different plans – to make this work, to get our auckland models work.

A free photo shoot for auckland models, video shoots and a website, social media . . . well I cant just leave you on your own.

I return to my own vision for the project. You’ll be getting some fans on your site and social media, but we need some really great youtube content to really kick it off and get lots of people into the whole idea, it’s like any group, you put 3-5 models together and do something great that will expose you to new fans who will follow your twitter, blog, tumblr, like your facebook, etc.

But having a few hundred slobbering dudes and teenage model wannabes as your fans wont put you into work. This is just a base to establish your appeal, which can then be put into a package. We have 3-5 models who can work competently to produce video content.

It gets boring here because I’m a marketing and business guy, who happens to like taking pictures of pretty girls. But I need to create something I can sell that businesses will want.

Now we create this as a business package we can sell. We want to establish a product we can sell for $1000, and introduce it at $600.

For 3 hours the girls come down, we shoot a video, the girls interview and pose with the workers, get photos, and we take it back, make videos and dvd’s and print photos, posters etc. I split the money with the girls. The point is eventually you could be charging $2000, giving the girls $250 each for 3 hours, and making $1250 from a days work. make it $1100 id give the girls $300 each to make them feel worth it. Or wait, a $50 bonus to the girl of the day. one or two a month of those would be great.

We could do this at a panelbeaters, or we could go fashion and have the girls model fashions for 3 hours. By the time you charge $2000 you’re offering them 3 different video variations (1 minute, 3 minute, 10 minute) and 50 DVD’s, and some SEO services for their website – links, blog action etc.

I want to get the appearances going. I think to offer a service where 5 beautiful girls make chit chat would be interesting especially as you pick up a profile from the online content. But it’s the same deal. 3 girls, 2 cameras, 3 hours. You get the company of beautiful women and the whole thing on tape. corporate. music videos. small to medium businesses. $600, then $1000, then we’re doing twice a week.

But to start we need a budget package. 4 girls, 2 hrs, $500, we bring a camera, and give you 50 DVD’s with photos and raw footage. The girls get $50 each. We only need do these cheapo deals half a dozen times.

“If you’re trying to have a party you want a great atmosphere and what provides better atmosphere than 4 lovely young ladies with great bubbly energy who will make every man in the room feel young again.”

I guess whatever way you look at it, you’re turning up with a bunch of pretty young girls to make men feel good and promote a venture by filming it. Double whammy, the girls – and the cameras – make the energy at the event special, and the recording, the DVD’s, the posters – enlarged colour prints – make the feeling and the impact, the brand work later on.

Wow I’m really firing up now!

You see what I mean? Don’t write me off until you see me get to marketing. I’ve got the ideas and once i have pretty faces to sell it, I might be unstoppable!

The idea is it builds morale for the staff as well as marketing on multiple levels – to a business, this experience is worth a lot more than $2000.

What am I trying to zero in on here? Well the product is excellent. Now you need to market it, by getting a plan to push this product / service.

But don’t forget we’ll be doing out own content. Our site will have ads, which we can sell – all sorts of value added stuff to businesses. we’ll have hundreds of youtube clips that get 100k hits a week and make $300+ which is all great. That I would probably put into a pool or something, but the idea is to get approached by a company that will give us $100k a year to do 50 5 minute bits, but by then we would already be booking the girls for individual jobs, and appearances, I mean if we come down to doing one ad package for $5k and $8k to make 4 5 minute bits, I mean, I could give 3 girls $1k each, $1k for the juniors, $2k production costs, I’d pocket $7k, for what would be about 2 days production, and 2 days post, roughly a weeks work. But I would still have to run the website, and I think the girls would get their own work going and they would need a real agent.

Because we may only do 1 add package. You can still do parties where I can bring 4 girls and a camera for $600, bring junior girls, pay them $60. But soon the senior girls will be in demand for appearances, I have to charge $1000, give each girl $150. That means each senior girl would be earning $1300 for 2 days amd 2 nights work, 20 hours.

But what about the parties? We throw one gig a month, we sell 300 tickets for $10, I get 10 models to sell 15 ticket each and make half. I have $2250, so hopefully the gig only costs me $1250 to put on. Well eventually, you’ll only have to pay $500 for promo, $250 for rider costs, and pocket $1500. Still a lot of work.

But eventually I’ll double down and make $3000. Off one party. Now we’re talking. We will pretty much let the girls decide the music, and sell it on the fact there will be 100 hot girls there. implicitly of course. But those are the facts.

That’s my $10k a month just for organising 5 shoots and a party. Getting sponsorship money will take years though, but it’s nice to have a dream!

Obviously by that stage girls who have been working with me have to decide at which point they will do their own thing, but I may have already set up an agency if the girls we have look like they obviously need it.

I jotted down this quick list of steps for marketing talent.

– get the website looking good, try and get more and more natural content on there from our actual girls – get the advertising ramped up again, $20 p/week – do music video production and photo shoots – narrow down to 5 good models who will work for pretty much free – go hard on video production, building up there brand, building the videos to 10k youtube views – get the girls out hustling the package. – meanwhile girls are lining up, we’re doing parties. – the brand builds, we secure funding for an online project.