In order to make a website with your own domain name it is important to realize that the domain name that you have registered is only part of the equation and this represents your site name on the world wide web the name that people use to search or find your site but the other part of the equation which in our example above many did not follow up with is the actual detail of hosting websites as this is where our actual content will sit and be served to customers or visitors to your site. This is not a great cost and averages from $5 to $10 dollars a month for hosting.

There are numerous hosting providers online; these are the companies that actually own the servers and networks that our webpages will actually sit on when the pages and posts are created. Our general recommendation to customers is to use either Host Gator or Host9 as they are very cost effective, they provide all the website hosting options you will need, they are very well known, lastly they have excellent support and service reliability.

Setting up WordPress on Your Site

In between the hosting of the site and the domain name someone will have to put the content together and know how to create own website but this no longer needs web design consultants when you are starting off.

If you utilize one of the above web hosting providers (Host9 or Host Gator ) they will be able to offer WordPress software for no extra cost and a WordPress blog is easily customized and very easy to be updated. The beauty of WordPress is that once its installed everything else just plugs in to it without screwing everything else up, its so easy.

Setting up a WordPress Blog Video

WordPress blogs are renowned throughout the web for ease of use and flexibility. You can do create these sites yourself if you know how to type and you have basic word processing skills you are good to go; making my own website and your little bit of internet real estate just got a little closer. These are some great step by step guides for installing WordPress and setting up your first posts:

New to WordPress Where to Start and Make Your Own Blog with WordPress

Don’t be frightened of jumping in trying this, remember the worst thing that can happen is the site doesn’t respond and you screw something up when you are learning; so what amend it, fix it or if you have to scrap it all and reinstall WordPress again. It’s your site so who cares, you can do what you like. Don’t like the look of it change the themes, there’s thousands available for free and they plug right in. Keep adding to and tweaking it until it’s the way you want it, learn on the way it’s not a big deal but just get going with it.

I hope you enjoyed my How to Make a Website with Your Own Domain Name post and that it inspires you to get going with your own site, as always please comment, like or share.