As we have mentioned several times, effective planning is fundamental for success, but how does one prepare to plan successfully? This is where thorough market research comes in. Entering into any niche comes with a plethora of variables. Even if it’s a product or service you feel you’re familiar with, the way your competition may be handling it could be completely new. Understanding your market, competition and how your potential clients are behaving should shape your marketing strategy to make it as easy as possible to go from data to conversion. The analytics gained during Competition research, vertical market analysis and keyword research will give us a good idea of who’s looking for what, and how they are currently being handled.

All of this information is then laid out in one of our most powerful research reports: The Blueprint. With this document in hand, we are fully ready to ask the data for its guidance. By following the data analytics and ultimately following the money, we can plot a path of least resistance to your goals. By attacking the easier to reach areas of your niche or the “low hanging fruit”, we can start to see a real return on investment sooner and build towards the more competitive keywords. No matter what path is chosen your blueprint will be your roadmap to success, and a guide for the construction of your virtual brand.

Assembling an Effective List of Terms

Keyword research, as explained here, is one of the fundamental steps to any online marketing campaign, your keywords will be the core of your marketing strategy. Unlike other major marketing companies, when we talk about keywords, we do not just mean a small handful of terms. Our process aims to find EVERY term that is associated with your market and use it to help bolster your campaign. By analyzing as complete a list of terms as possible, we can begin to understand the niche more thoroughly. This insight is exactly what we need to create a site and product offer that will appeal to your target audience.

Beyond understanding you client’s search patterns, your research will also provide key information to following the money. By looking at the costs involved for ranking for a certain term, and your company’s profit margins, we can decide where the real profit lies. By targeting the most lucrative spots first, we can see a return on investment sooner, and ultimately grow faster.

Understand What You’re Up Against

As we discuss on our site, a competitor analysis is easily as important as your key terms when it comes to understanding your niche. By looking at the market you’re entering into and seeing what is currently succeeding and failing, we can save ourselves lots of time and money. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here, we want to capitalize on effective strategies, as well as address pains. This means taking a look and asking lots of questions. If you can address even a minor pain and provide as good if not a slightly better service than the rest, your path to success is much easier.

Beyond strategy comparisons, your competitors are also producing content, and Google loves this. The rate they are posting will affect how aggressively we need to hit the market. This will also give us a great idea of cost BEFORE we decide to build a site around ranking for certain terms. This will ensure that each endeavor is prepared to succeed.

Marketing to a Vertical May Be the Right Fit

Our in-house process combines our proprietary software with leading marketing analysis techniques to identify any potential vertical markets that could be lucrative. Why target one specific vertical you may be asking? Well, by selecting a very specific group of people who would need your service, you can tailor suit all of your marketing to speak directly to them. This means instead of broad brushing your consumers and hoping to resonate with only a few of them, we are going to tailor your business to suit your consumers.

Not every niche has a vertical market that is just waiting for them, while some others thrive in places you may never have expected. No matter what is found, it all comes back to the same principle” follow the money. At the end of the day you made an investment and you need to see its return through. Put your company where the opportunities actually are, don’t try to force it to come to you. If you want to familiarize yourself with vertical market research, check out this page for more details.

All of Your Research in Organized Reports

All of this research is great! We can understand our market and our potential competition much more thoroughly. By organizing all of the data into an easy to follow blueprint, we ensure that you can make the most out of your analytics. Your keywords are laid out in an easy to follow structure that shows you exactly how they all fit together. Our market research reports page will explain this in more detail if you’re still curious.

The competition break down is just as comprehensive. We take a look at market trends, geo targeting and content breakdowns, to help give you the edge. By analyzing the trends, we can assess if a term is on its way up or on its way out, despite its current popularity. Geo analytics gives us an idea of consumer interest by geographical area. Let’s face it, people from all over the world are very different and understanding just who you speaking to is key. Finally, a content breakdown allows us to understand just how much content you competitors are producing and how often they are posting. Google loves activity, so it’s important to keep up.