Online marketing prepares surprises for 2020, do not miss them! I know you will be thinking yet another article flogging a dead horse, or insisting on something thoroughly discussed already. The truth is that SEO and online marketing need to be updated, because the strategies and techniques are constantly changing, and unless you do so your strategy will be dead in the water. Google has been updating its algorithm, and introducing constant updates with an admirable speed, making it difficult to know what’s next in the world of digital marketing.

However, paying attention to what is happening in the world of the web positioning, we have gathered seven digital marketing trends for 2014 that will become more important over time.

Get ready for what comes at you in 2020 and be ready for your audience.

1. Advertise with the user in Mind!

Put your marketing message on a diet for Christmas, and let it be that way for the New Year as well. Consumers do not like to receive advertising blitz. All those pop-up ads that assail you when you visit a page no longer work, but next year they will completely disappear. We’re seeing a clear shift towards minimalism in advertising. Social media echoes this modification to get more users; the obvious example is Pinterest gaining adherents by leaps and bounds thanks to its simple design. Advertise simply, without harassing anyone is the key!

2. Social cues in tandem with SEO

The link building is the key strategy that every company carried out to improve their rankings in the search results, the more inbound links to your page, the better your website rankings. However, social signals have gone up a few steps on the podium of importance. There is a recent love story between social cues and SEO. Google, and other search engines, are increasingly considering shareable content, a blog post, an article or a product page. Therefore, it is logical that the publications that are shared more times, gain a better position in the search results list. For this reason, a lot of companies install plug-ins for social networks on their websites to provide their users with the task of sharing that information. Not that the links are to stop having an effect or anything, but certainly social cues will have more and more relevance for those links, perhaps even the same at the end of next year .

3. Content Marketing will be the backbone of your Strategy

Your content will be the master of your online marketing strategy. In relation to the previous point, and if you have not yet done so, start paying attention to the content that your company produces. Content marketing has already become a valuable strategy in recent years, but next year will be essential, essentially this will dictate whether your business succeeds or not. Companies are managing to establish its authority and show their knowledge through blog posts, or articles that convey relevant and useful information to their audience. Only through useful and original content you can get a fan base that cares about what you say and are willing to share and to generate social signals for your brand. Do not focus your attention on traditional advertising and devote more time to writing entertaining content, useful and valuable.

4. Rock out on social networks!

How many social networks do you use? Facebook and Twitter right? A few years ago, we were limited to the number of channels we could create brand awareness with, but nowadays if something is abundant is the number of social media platforms. They are springing up all over the Internet to the point that it is difficult to catch up with them.

Your brand should be prepared to expand the social reach and be active in a few platforms. Start your social media plan as soon as possible, because a fan base and followers is not achieved overnight, and 2014 will require you to be present in the social pages, sharing the contents of which we spoke just now. Being present in Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and, one of the most important for SEO, Google Plus will be a must.

A social media strategy requires that you spend time on it, but it is all worthy with the results you get.

5. Do not forget the images or you will be lost!

Think about your own habits as a user, when you surf the Internet looking for information or reading content, what calls your attention more? Surely it must be images! When a visitor views your content and is only text, it is more likely to bounce and leave your site. Find the right images and place them at strategic points in your article, use them to divide the text according to their structure or highlight important elements. Although merely decorative, they certainly serve an important purpose. Further, Images can also be shared in the net too; a post on Facebook with a captivating image get more clicks than a simple one. It also stands out that the social networks mentioned above have one thing in common and are precisely the images. Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram are characterized predominantly by photography and gain in popularity day by day.

6. Mobiles are your friends

Admit it, you can’t live without your mobile, and it is the same for thousands of users. Precisely, and because there are many who search from their mobile, you want your website to work on these devices and tablets, so it’s important to have a responsive design. Create a mobile version of your site alternative for consumers to access your content from wherever they want, or use a simple design that responds well to the new technology. Do not overload the page; you could lose valuable visitors if you don’t consider this detail.

7. Retargeting ads will be all the rage!

Surely, even if they have not been implemented in your company, you will have noticed them after consulting any product or service, this network pursues you, page after page. Behavioural retargeting is having amazing success, so that, more and more businesses jump on the bandwagon of retargeting.

The explanation is quite simple, using browser cookies monitoring what pages a user visits and then use that information to show ads wherever the visitors goes. You don’t have to be a genius of psychology to understand why it works so well, if your brand is present wherever you go, you never forget. If you have not bought anything on their first visit, over 90 % of users don’t purchase, they can return when they’re ready to become a customer because your brand will continue in their head.

Nothing is certain, but it is quite likely that if you follow these tips, your online marketing strategy will be in the right path to succeed, or at least to stay up to date. These are our predictions for the coming year. If you have more ideas, we encourage you to leave us a comment. You can also read other marketing trends in 2014.