is a service that allows you to be able to accept credit cards from your website and deliver your digital products as downloads. It’s one of the biggest online marketplaces for digitally delivered information and software products on the entire Internet and as you are aware of by now, digital products that are instantly available after payment are extremely popular because people want information and they want it fast (as in instantly). The other good thing about ClickBank is that you can also use it to find product ideas that are already hot sellers because they list all the top sellers in their online marketplace. If a product is already selling well at ClickBank you could ride that into your own highly successful product because you can create a similar or complimentary product without doing too much market research and with a much, much higher chance of success.

So how to find products on CIickBank to use as ideas to create your own products without all the usual hassles that come with product research and development? Here are the steps… 1. First, go to the following webpage in your favorite web browses..,

2. After the page loads, click the ” Buy Products” tab at the top of the page.

3. Now you want to select the type of product that you are looking to create from the ” Category” drop down menu. There is also a sub-category drop down menu that may offer additional choices that are more closely related to the niche market you are interested in. You can also use the ” Keyword” search box to enter a word or phrase that is more targeted to the type of product that you have in mind. 4. Next click the ” Go” button and you will be presented with a list of products that matches your selection. These listings are ranked in the order of how well they sell. So if you see a listing at the top of a page that means that is the number one selling product in the category that you selected.

If you find that you don’t get the results that you are looking for in those listings when using the keyword search try making the keyword phrase that you have entered more general. For example if you enter ” Make Money On eBay” in the keyword box, try just entering the word ” eBay” because this will still bring you a several eBay related products that may spark your interest.

5. Now that you have a listing of proven, best selling products that match or closely match the criteria that you are looking for, it’s time that you take that information and leverage it to your full advantage!

This tactic is extremely effective and will save you hundreds of hours in time that would otherwise be spent doing market research. Normally you would have to come up with an idea, create the product and test it to the market to see if it sells. If you go through all that trouble and your product doesn’t sell well, you would lose the time and money you spent testing and creating it.

Just by looking at the list of products that you have now you can see at a glance, what’s working and what’s selling extremely well right now on the Internet.

Now here’s what you can do to further your research on hot selling product ideas at… 1. Open up a text document in your favorite word processing program. Then write down the names of the top 5 products on that list and go visit those pages one at a time.

2. When you get to the product page, read each sales letter in its entirety and make notes of exactly what the product is offering. If they are selling an eBook or a software product take note of that. If they have a lot of valuable bonuses, take note of that too.

You want to look at their page and see exactly what it is they are offering and take detailed notes on that. Also take notice of the NUMBER ONE BENEFIT that they promising to their customer which is usually reflected in the headline of the page, right at the top.

Now that you have analyzed 5 top selling products and have chosen the one that you felt most compelled by, it’s time to use that information to craft a plan for putting your own similar information product together.

3. So next in a new text document or on a blank sheet of paper copy the headline from the sales letter of the product you have selected. This headline is important because it is part of what is making the product you selected so successful.

Then write down all of the components of the offer. This means write down everything that comes with the purchase of that product. If it’s an eBook, write down that it’s an eBook and make sure to write down all of the bonuses. If you get personal email contact to ask the author questions as a part of the package, write that down. Are they offering videos, transcripts or audio files as well?

They key here is to write down every different component of the product package. For example, if you get email support as part of the offer but you choose to not use it right away, would you still have that available to you at any other time? Now you have a list of the components of a winning product that got your attention specifically you can use this as your blueprint to creating your own product. What you have essentially done here is reverse engineered the structure of the offer from the product that you analyzed so that you can use it in creating your own ” new product” There is nothing easier and more profitable than creating a product based on the same ideas as an already successful product. The possibilities that lay within this simple system are endless. You can create an unlimited amount of products in all kinds of markets using this method.

And you’ll only have to spend around an hour coming up with your own product idea that will have an excellent chance of selling well using nothing but the power of ClickBank research.

There are certain mass markets that are ” evergreen” in that they have always been and a will always be extremely profitable if approached in the right way. These markets and topics include…