There has been so much fuss about the Internet, the lack of privacy it lives off, the social networks and you can’t possible escape from public scrutiny anymore, but the topic seems to be reaching new overtones since people have started to become reluctant to websites and online companies keeping their personal data and tracking them online. To that extent, a website has caught my attention,, an online reputation management site. Do you wonder what this is? So did I. Apparently, provides users with a series of services and products that are designed to help them control and manage what it is said or posted on them online, more in the sense of privacy issues and third party access to personal information than in the sense of office gossip, though not excluded.

Technology has become an integrated part of our life. All of the latest gadgets are connected to the internet and it is impossible for one to avoid having personal information stored in a corner of the internet. Many companies keep in touch with the latest gadgets in order to see how they can use the people’s technological habits to their advantage. If you are a business owner, you should subscribe to a tech news website like By following a tech news website, you can see how people use technology. Keeping in touch with the latest gadgets can help you create special apps so that your business is visible on all possible markets. Furthermore, nowadays there are also a lot of tools that help business owners control their affairs in a more comfortable manner. However, when a company enters the virtual world it also exposes itself to the possibility of negative online reputation. This is where comes in handy.

The company was founded by Michael Fertik and Owen Tripp, from the concept that people around us, employers, collegues, potential dates or whoever, conduct online research on our persons before meeting or dealing with us. And since the Internet has known such an explosive growth, it has become essential for us to control, or at least try to, what we look like online. And helps you do just that, so you don’t have to worry what your friends or boss can find about you over the Internet, whether it is on social networks, such as Facebook, or any other type of websites.

Furthermore, also started from the belief that many multi-billion dollars industries and companies have been built using the personal information and data of the Internet users and that the individual should have a some sort of a return from that. Everything from search engines to the above mentioned social networks have been developed on the collection and accumulation of personal data and is here to help users block companies and websites from making use of this information if they don’t want it to be used, as the charging companies for our data plan is still unfeasible for the moment.

Therefore, once you enter the website and check out their products and services, you can choose the one that suits your needs best, depending on what you want. If you want to increase your level of privacy and stop websites from tracking you and block marketing calls or spam, then you can try the myprivacy tool, while if, on the contrary, you want to make yourself visible online, but in a more professional way and keep track of each and every time you appear on the Internet, then you can choose the myreputation tool. So, works both ways for you, as long as you have control over how you look out there and what information is available and what is not.