When you are considering entering a new market or niche you need your keyword research made easy and quicker to speed up the keyword research of a product and this is where new keyword research tools designed for this purpose come into their own.

I have used several keyword tools including free Google keyword research tools and online keyword research with subscription services but the one that I rely on using and would recommend as the best keyword research tool is Market Samurai.

This is a great product not only because it does a lot of the legwork for us because it has built in filters which ensures SEO keyword research made easy but it also has lots of extra features that we can use after we have selected our keyword and are then researching a product further.

Google Keyword Research Made Easy with Market Samurai Video

Another great feature of Market Samurai for search engine keyword research is that it is available as a free download. You can try out all the keyword research software features when considering how to research a product or market for a full 30 days, use it as much as a Google keyword research tool as you want. After the 30 days trial you can stop using the product or purchase it for a one time fee, as it’s not subscription based.

Even if you decide not to purchase Market Samurai you can still use the free keyword research tool functionality which is a great tool alone for speedy keyword research made easy to research a product but you will not be able to use the additional features that are included in the paid version; as they will have been disabled.

This alone makes the product indispensable and why it ranks as one of the best free keyword research tools on the market. The product is updated very regularly and I would thoroughly recommend it. Market Samurai is an Adobe Air product which also means; I believe that you can also use in on a Mac should your prefer. The price after 30 days for the product is $149 but if you download and trial it here free, I believe you can then buy it discounted after the trial for only $99.

Market Samurai will generate a list of relevant keyword research made easy keywords which will help us when we are researching a product for our internet marketing promotion. We should then also consider these additional keywords based on our initial keyword, which it will have used as a seed keyword to begin the search. We can then use these additional suggested keywords to drill down further into our market. Alternatively we may utilize these as seed keywords to research additional new keywords we may not have considered. This is an excellent method as it allows us to drill down into our niche within our internet marketing promotion.

Keyword Research Made Easy with Simple Filters

The tool will also then calculate the search volumes for you and you can then filter these on your preferences. Inbuilt filters can suggest the most relevant keyword you should consider. Following our keyword research selection we are then able to drill down into the keyword to calculate the competition in the market. Market Samurai again has a set of filters to identify if this is a good keyword and market we should be considering and then we can conduct further research with the other functions of the tool; helping how to research a product to understand the type of material that people are presenting around the product. This is an all round excellent tool and I would recommend that everyone should at least give the free demo a trial to get their hands on one of the best keyword research tools for free.

The quick filters in Market Samurai make knowing how to research a product a very quick task and we can be more confident that our internet marketing promotion efforts will be better rewarded.

The Complete Toolkit for Easy Keyword Research

There are a number of competing products to Market Samurai but none of these currently provide the richness and speed for keyword research made easy. Additionally the competing products do not provide the additional functionality provided by Market Samurai. Briefly these include the following: SEO Competition Analysis to check the strength of your competition, a Rank Tracker to track your keyword rankings; a Domain tool to analyze available domains to procure suitable for your keyword; a Monetization tool to find products to market related to your keyword or niche; a Find Content tool which will search archives of content related to your keyword that can be used for brainstorming content creation for your niche; a Publish Content tool which will connect directly with your sites and upload your content direct to your blog; a Promotion tool which can search the web for sites related to your keyword or niche which you may be able to link exchange with.

So all in all a complete set of internet marketing tools that any internet marketer should not be without. I rely on this daily in my internet marketing activities and I consider this my Swiss Army knife for keyword research made easy.