Google Remarketing is a new feature in Google AdWords. It enables hotels to advertise to anyone who has visited their website before.

People often take time researching different options before making a hotel reservation. Up until now, there hasn’t been many opportunities to keep their interest going, unless of course they’ve signed up to the hotel newsletter or agreed to any other form of direct marketing, for example via social media such as Facebook.

With Google Remarketing, hotels can now track their website visitors or audiences and target them with ads on Google’s content network of websites, which reach about 80% of the online audience.

The ability to reach out to these people with a targeted offer while they make their booking decision can be powerful.

Showing ads to people as they move from site to site reminds them of what the hotel has to offer and can also give the impression the hotel is advertising everywhere. Additionally, ads can be targeted precisely depending on the actions a visitor has performed on your site. Perhaps they have visited the hotel’s special offers page, read the blog or visited a section of your website with specific content such as spa or wellness. In which case an ad could be shown addressing exactly their interest and so nudging them towards making a booking. Watch the Google Ad Remarketing video: