Over half the leading global medical device companies are based out of the US. The industry is a robust one that managed to hold its own during the recession, and continues to grow as the demand for medical devices increases in the light of the new healthcare reform bill. This is the good news. The not-so-great news is that your medical device business has many competitors to contend with. So you will need a winning online healthcare marketing strategy to capture a sizeable percentage of your target audience. And an importance aspect of this strategy is online lead generation. Here is a look at some of the most effective lead generation techniques that you can employ.

Content marketing – High value editorial content can attract quality leads

Perhaps the most crucial benefit of creating high-value editorial content is establishing confidence in your audience about your expertise and authority. Newsletters, white papers, how-to guides, webinars, articles and press releases are common techniques in this regard. The ultimate objective of these techniques is to promote your offerings. The approach won’t be overtly ‘salesy’ but informational and helpful/useful to your target audience. Once the content is created, it c

an be distributed and promoted through multiple channels leveraging social media, search engine marketing and online advertising. The next step is to collect information from leads, and then follow up with these potential customers once lead generation is in full swing.

SEO to make your medical products more visible to prospects

The State of Digital Marketing report 2011 says that SEO can give lead generation a biggest boost. A long-term investment, search engine optimization provides sustained and meaningful results while also costing you less than traditional clinical laboratory marketing, ensuring visibility in the online marketplace and leading potential customers to your website. Again, in SEO content is king – quality and targeted content infused with the right keywords in the right density can have a huge impact on leads and sales. So, your focus should be on creating more content; consider Hubspot’s observations that a median of three leads are created by company blogs that have 0-11 articles and up to 23 leads should the article count go beyond 52!

Social media is a default choice

You cannot afford to overlook social media in your overall online healthcare marketing mix. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can bring you new customers and spread the word about your products. The idea here is to not just have a static presence but engage your followers through:

Smart content sharing – Instead of just a simple update, include relevant links expanding on key ideas. Share links generated on your business blog and they will most certainly be shared on Google Buzz, Twitter, Facebook and other social bookmarking sites.

Keep a tab on conversations – Leverage social media to monitor what consumers are saying about your brand/products and competitors. This will allow you a closer insight into their interests, and present opportunities to engage them with feedback, answers and even coupons.

To augment your clinical laboratory marketing and lead generation efforts, you can also promote your social media presence, beginning with your website and extending to your blog, flyers, letterheads and business cards. A tip would be to use Iconfinder or a similar service to pick out a suitable social media icon for your site.