Organizing events and seminars are important aspect of any business, to make people attend events you have to make them popular and spread the word about important event information like time, date, location and most important what the event is about. The number of people attending these events directly influences your business, this post will help you to leverage multiple channels on Internet for marketing your events online and increase attendance which will in turn help your business to grow.

I will first define what all possible channels on internet can you use to market your events online

Creating landing pages

Signing up Guest and following with emails

Social media market

Paid advertising

However there can be more number of ways events can be promoted online and offline we will focus on the above mentioned ways in detail so that you can increase number of people attending your events. So let us start with it.

1.Creating landing pages which efficiently convey all relevant information about the Event

So to start with you should create a landing page which will contain all the information about the event for example What the event is about, date, time , location, who all are the speakers, how can people participate etc. This landing page can be a Single page on a special custom domain which suits your event purpose, lets say if you are hosting a event annually for all working mothers , you can get a domain like . If you do not want to spend on custom domains you can have the landing page as a Single page or a Blog post on your existing personal or company website. Now let us discuss what all should your landing page contain.

Your event name should be the heading of the landing page which should be relevant and should be able to give brief idea about the event.

Use a relevant creative description which will not bore people and induce certain excitement. You can also use videos for this purpose. Do not give deep technical description as not every guest who will be looking forward to attend your event may be aware of technicalities. keep it Short and Sweet

Mention what all activities are going to be performed at the event and who all are going to speak.

Mention possible takeaways from the event for example any prizes, key seminars etc

Let user sign up for your event using Emails or any other custom forms you may use, mention any price involved and refund possibilities.

Keep multiple options open Allow users to signup as guest as well as Speakers if they want to. You may put some policy in place for the same.

Allow users to invite more people they know. This may be achieved by email or social sharing.

Arrange downloads or slideshows if there is any need of prerequisite.

Remember landing pages are very important in marketing your events online as you may redirect users to this page from multiple channels.

2.Signing up Guest and following with emails (Email marketing and re-marketing)

After you have created a suitable landing page the next most important thing is how you are going to allow users to sign up for your event. This may actually depend on number of factors let us discuss the same.

If your event is open to all or On venue registration you obviously don’t have to care about online registration, but do not forget to mention the same.

If you have a option for users to signup for your events online you can use online forms or third party event management solutions such as

(which is infact a complete solution).

Once users are done up with Signing up, probably following with them via emails is a good idea. Reminder emails, Add On emails (If anything new is added to event which may probably help to increase excitement).

Do send atleast 2 Emails of your choice relevant to the event before the final event takes place.

After event is succesfully completed, you can use remarketing emails to communicate with people who have already attended your events for feedbacks or marketing new upcoming events.

By the way MailChimp is a good service to built email list for anykind of business.

3. Social media marketing for your events.

How can we forget Social media marketing, though you can utilize multiple or all possible social networks to market your events, how efficiently you are able to use each one of them is more important and that is exactly what we are going to discuss. We will be considering Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for now. Talking about how to use each one of them specifically and which strategy to deploy on which social network for marketing. Let us start with Facebook.

Marketing your event on Facebook

Its indeed a very powerful tool for marketing your events online-socially. Everybody from a individual to page and group owners can create events and invite their Facebook friends for the same. For page and group owners Facebook events can be very powerful as they can easily target fans and group members who are already related to the interest. Even for individuals little social skills can help, one tip for increasing invites to Facebook events is to add Multiple people as Host to your events. As more and more poeple can be reached out and can be invited. Facebook imposes some restrictions on the number of people a single host can invite at a Time.

You can also use Facebook cover advertising to your benefit as its visually compelling to viewers. However there are some guidelines for the same. Start engaging users on Facebook with questions and asking suggestions, this way they will be very aware of your event and may even consider to come. You can also use Facebook advertising which will cost you money but very effective in the way it delivers to your target audience.

Marketing your event on Twitter

You should be very well aware of this 140 characters buzz creator. If you already have a large following on Twitter and are aware of what Hastags can do then create a relevant hastag for your event, lets say you are organizing a event for Java developers then a relevant hastag for this can #JavaDevMeet that is simple small and sweet. You should yourself use and encourage your followers to use this hastag in tweets relevant to the event. In no time it may trend and create a buzz. For new users here is a excellent Comprehensive Twitter marketing guide to increase and engage your followers. You can also twitter advertising using which you can make your Hashtags trending. You can use questions and suggestion technique on twitter also.

Marketing events using YouTube

Marketing using videos is quite simple you just create a informative or creative videos which demonstrates and tells people about your event. Your videos can be simply show what the event is about and other information or tit can show some videos or pictures from your past events. You can even use this video for embedding it on landing pages.

You can use many more social networking platforms for marketing purpose but it is recommended to use 2 or 3 at max. As you will be able to do it more efficiently.

4. Paid advertising

If you have allocated a special budget for your marketing stuff, than paid advertising is not a bad option on the internet. There are various paid advertising programs online but only few are effective. With Facebook and Twitter paid advertising we also recommend Google and Bing (Bing also includes Yahoo network) paid advertising programs. For effectively executing any Search engine paid advertising campaign like on Google and Bing you should be good at picking up keywords which are relevant to your event and will deliver your ads to the targeted audience.

For paid advertising on social networks like Facebook your emphasis is directly on the user information like his interest, age, area of living etc. Facebook ads panel will ask you about your target audience and believe me its quiet easy to figure out. Same is with Twitter Hashtag trending (sponsored and sponsored tweets) can also be targeted based on Geo location and time.

The bottom line is you can definitely increase your event’s popularity and attendance if you are able to use the above mentioned channels efficiently.

I hope suggestion given by me help you to attract more people to your events and grow your business. Do let me know any suggestion or views via comments.