Promoting your home based business online is the number one way to build your business quickly. That is if you do it productively using the correct tools. Many online advertisements may appear to be terrific when in reality they are not the most productive. You want your efforts to always do the most good with the least amount of effort.

Free For All Sites

Free FFA sites also known as Free For All sites usually have members that range from hundreds of thousands into the millions. The thought of advertising to millions of people using a simple add form can be very tempting especially because it is free.

The advertising control panel will have a series of boxes. You will input your name, email address, Ad title, ad text and URL you are promoting. Remember to use another email address other than your main email client because you will get hundreds and often thousands of advertisements sent you by site members. The ad submission form will limit the number of words you can use so give it some thought before submitting.

I have sent many advertisements using FFA sites without any measurable results. I use specific URLs in all my advertisements so I track effectiveness of ads. When I receive the hundreds of advertisements right after I submit my ad I simply delete them all very quickly, often entire an entire at a time. I never read them and I’m sure others never read mine. In my opinion your time could be better spent using a different method of advertising.

Using Traffic Exchange Sites

I enjoy using Traffic exchanges because of the variety of advertisements I can see and learn from. You can advertise for free using the sign up credits and then clicking ads for even more credits. The time you must visit a site is put on a timer and you have to wait to click another ad. To use these sites affectively you must use a Splash page otherwise known as a Lead Capture page. The point of your page is to get the visitors name and email address. You do not want to try and sell them here. You only want to gain enough interest to get their information so you can sell them through your email or news letter campaign. Using your main sales page or web site will give you little benefit because the visitor will not be there long. Like you they are surfing for credits. These sites can be productive if used correctly but they can also be a waste of time you could otherwise use with better tactics.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is by far the number one way to promote your home based business. The good part is it can be done for free. Many people believe you must have a lot of skills to affectively write an article but that couldn’t further from the truth. It simply involves having knowledge about the subject you are writing about. If you can talk about a subject with your family and friends or can write an email you can also write an article. The benefits of Article writing are very long lasting. It’s common for website publishers to add articles to their web sites that were written many years earlier if the information is still applicable as it often is.

When you are finished writing your article you simply submit it to Article Directories who then publish it on their site and offer it to their members to use. This can be thousands of site publishers and if you have used Keywords in your article it will be found by those publishers whose site relate to those words. It is true Viral marketing because your article can be found on may sites and used by publishers. It takes a little time, often a month and longer, but one article can provide hundreds of backlinks pointing to your site. These links are more valuable than all the site optimization you could do.