No hard work and yet earn a good living on the web is the dream of many individuals. If you are not able to do this in just sixty days, says this one program, you get a refund. If you stick to what they say but don’t make money, you get your investment back, simple as that. The program is called Blog Curation by Dr. Harlan Kilstein. Blog curation consists of applying your own spin on content you take from other web sites. If you follow their instructions and

The information you get is top notch, in addition to the fact that with this offer there’s nothing to lose. Depending on how serious your desire is to create an internet business, the program features three levels. The first level, a quick start program, is for individuals who are a bit cautious, and it costs $197. This would seem a lot at first glance. However, if you are not making way more than that after 60 days, your money will be refunded. You’ll get five recorded online seminars that can launch you on a rapid path to success. In addition to learning the all-important step of picking your niche, you are also shown how to set up and monetize your website. Not just that, you get a web site built at no cost, including a premium theme. There’s free software, on top of the teaching, which makes starting your blog fast and simple.

The next level has a cost of $497, and it features everything the first level has, but significantly more. Rather than five webinars you get twelve, which include information and methods of an advanced nature. There are far more online seminars you get as a bonus plus more support. Then there is the third and highest level, which is for individuals who want to approach establishing a web business with the utmost seriousness. It is $2000, but you could cut that into affordable chunks with the available payment plan. There are 21 webinars that will take you from novice to profitable in the fewest simple steps. You are going to receive 8 one-on-one sessions with Dr Kilstein on Skype or over the phone.

VIP access to each and every bonus webinar that is ever done, in addition to list building techniques and Facebook strategies. In addition there are advanced linking and syndication techniques, which will virtually guarantee your success, unless you do not follow the teaching. Note that Blog Curation does not promise you an easy path to riches without any work. What it does is help you to set up an authority website, capable of pulling in income every month.

This program will allow you to create a profitable online business. Basically execute the steps of the plan, keep believing your mentor and keep your self-belief . If you are turned off by the price tag, then accept that building a successful business online is not within your ambit.