With the number of different social media platforms that exist today and the diversity of the people who use them, it is a veritable gold mine of data that can answer hundreds of questions about your potential clients. This is why monitoring of all of this data is so key in creating a campaign that is strong and that will stand the test of time. With advanced analytic software, we are able to gather specific metrics about all the various parts of your campaign. By then interpreting this data, we can decide on a strategy that maximizes your results and returns.

When we reach out through all of these various platforms, we are asking thousands of people many different questions, and every different answer is just as valuable as the next. For instance, trends such as what social sites prefer what kind of media. You may notice that some are much more visual than others, or that your readers on a different platform prefer a text heavy setting. Regardless of the results, the point is to listen to the wisdom they bring and adjust your approach accordingly. Tracking social media metrics like these are one of the most direct routs to social media ROI.

Analyzing the Social Side of Your Company

Everytime we create a blog post or send a tweet on behalf of our company we put a little bit more of ourselves out there for the public eye. In many ways, this is absolutely what we are trying to achieve and the more exposure we can create, the better. That is assuming of course that we have a clear plan and goal in mind with every message we release to our public. Without that however, results could be disastrous. Unclear or conflicting message could be sent to clients, and all you would be able to do is play clean up.

This is why constant monitoring of your the social channel analytics for your business is an absolute must. Having an understanding of not only how your clients are perceiving your company but also how your company is presenting itself on all venues will be required. No one likes feeling that one part of a company has no clue what the other does. People like to know that they are in good and capable hands. Having a united message and a solid understanding of your goals at every level breeds this sort of unification and the confidence we seek to inspire in our clients.

Understanding the Metrics

If this is not your strong point or even your cup of tea, don’t sweat it. We are not here to run a math class or a history lesson, and we certainly don’t perform feats of wonder. That being said, understanding what your site and its social media analytics are all about is an absolute must. Our team is here it help you track, and more importantly, understand the condition of your site, its social media endeavors and your campaign as a whole.

When you understand where you currently stand and why, it makes it much easier to make educated decisions as to where you should move to next. Focusing on areas you find your self weak in will help to pull up the bottom end while pushing on strengths will further momentum. Either way, a balance is what must be found at the end of the day. Tangible business value like this must be derived from a clear understanding and interpretation of the metrics we find from all the data we collect.