What is the one thing all business owners can agree upon? What they’d all like to see happen? More customers. A few big clients or lots of one off shoppers, all product and service providers could use more people who want them. Leads. Leads that will lead to customers and clients.

Many people are under the misconception that PPC, paid search, is only really effective for ecommerce sites. Lead generation is a hidden talent of nearly every online advertising campaign. Lead generation is crucial for any advertiser who must use prequalification or a series of contacts in order to secure a transaction.

A way to save effort would be to see which interested parties might actually follow through, such as are potential customers qualified. The offer of a trial run, a free test to get a customer hooked. The offer of a price quote, or free evaluation.

Most B2B survive only by lead generation. Anytime you’re thinking about a purchase, you’re a lead. When you start to take action toward that purchase, you become a hotter lead. The trick of marketers is to guide you through the temperature changes on your potential purchase, until you’ve finally made a transaction with their desired company. It sounds simplistic, and When boiled down, I suppose it is, but it must be complex because marketing is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Trends, Psychology, previous buying habits, demographics, there’s quite a bit below the surface of every ad you see, even the 3 lines of a Google Ad.

AdWords is a really excellent way to get people into the funnel of buying, but just getting them to enter doesn’t pay the bills. Your ad copy, landing page and website’s user experience are all steps along the way through the funnel and they all need to be working together…Pardon the graphic analogy, but I tend to think of it more as the digestive tract than a funnel.

Besides PPC what are some ways to generate leads?

Having a blog that is current, relevant and reaches MANY subscribers is rather a chore, unless you love to blog. Repeatedly sending emails to people who’ve expressed interest in your business in the past is a decent way to stay in their minds, but that’s a double edged sword. Can become tantamount to stalking pretty quickly unless you’re careful to not contact them too often. Having good organic results for your product or service is great, but SEO is complex and not a guarantee. Social media…I don’t really wanna comment on using social media, it feels like high school peer pressure and conformity rather than a real marketing tool…there I said it, send the facebook folks after me, I don’t care a bit!

What that last paragraph, I hope illustrates is really how well paid search solves the dilemma of collecting leads. Your ad appears instantly for just the very thing the searcher is looking for. Some of the benefits are:

You can grow your list of contacts by collecting names, emails and phone numbers to be followed up with at a later date.

You can gauge exactly what is spent to gain a customer.

You’re visible to your exact match as a client.

Customize your ad copy for the curious, the serious lookers and the buyers.

Follow the path of each and every visitor.

Some successful messages that are clear calls to action on lead generating sites or in the ads:

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Earlier in the post I mentioned landing pages and website experience working in conjunction with your ad copy. The best Advice for generating more and better leads takes us right back to those concepts.

Have an enticing offer in your ad, one that is impossible to ignore. When they click on your offer in your ad, have the landing page be ultra-relevant to both the offer and the product or service. When they move from the landing page through to your website, make sure they are brought to the right place for the offer. Do not give them any reason to hit the dreaded back button! Keep giving them information that they want based on the search they conducted and your offer that they clicked on.

Again, when you look at it from high enough up, doesn’t seem that complicated. Get down to detail level and follow the experts who have tested and tested and tested landing pages. Make yours JUST LIKE they most successful models! Don’t reinvent the wheel’s landing page. And viola! Lead generated.