Blog Tip #1: Pre Screen Your Content

One or two bad posts can turn off a lot of readers. You want to keep your audience engaged. Ask some of your best readers to be part of an insider audience. Then send them your latest material for review. That way you can post your best content. And they will feel special. The only exception to this is when you first get started. You might want to let loose on quality control, and focus more on updating. Just don’t throw quality out the window.

Blog Tip #2: Business Mentality Of Blogging

Don’t treat blogging as a job. Most American jobs train workers to just carry out the task without regards to growth, quality or long term perspective. Blogging requires all three. It is important to track your time. It’s even more important to see the long term vision for your blog. You might start out working for $2 per hour. However, by the end of your first year, your blog could be bringing you thousands per month for 3-4 quality posts per month.

Blog Tip #3: Beware Of Paid Links

I just came across a book that gave the idea to use (FFA) free for all link farms to build authority. WOW! I hope that author has insurance. Google has cracked down on websites that use link farms. That has been old news for a numbers of years. That should be a hint as whether to use books as guides. They have also cracked down on paid link advertising. It directly competes with their adsense business model. It also dillutes the value of a website. It’s better to sell banner advertising or some other form of image ad, than a paid link. Google has people who track websites that sell paid links. Their webmaster tools have an area so you can report violations.

Blog Tip #4: Schedule Your Posts

As you probably know, creative writing comes in bursts. Bloggers aren’t robots. We can’t write on command all the time. That’s why bloggers invented the schedule tool. If you have a sudden creative streak, don’t feel you have to post all your content at once. Schedule your posts out over time. It also creates predictability for your audience.

Blog Tip #5: Grow Organicaly

Search engines love slow growing natural websites. They hate websites that post 800 duplicate pages in one night. I once built an e-commerce site in 3 days with over 1200 pages. I used dropshipping products. The search engines never came back to the site after that. However, I have another site around 30-40 pages and the spiders come back multiple times per day. If you are going to use search engines to drive traffic, which you should, follow that one SEO tip, and you’ll already be ahead of other blogs.

Blog Tip #6: Monetizing Your Blog

Here is some real practical advice on monetizing your blog. Adsense will pay a little if you have sustained traffic. However, you’ll make most of your money from product or service sales. Only promote products you use. Also, realize most people don’t buy something on the first view. It takes 6-8 times for some people. So place your sponsors prominently. When you reach the point of building a captive audience, strive to promote products or services that pay residuals. That way you actually own a piece of the business. It will be tough to find affiliate programs paying residuals. You’ll need to network and negotiate better deals with product sources.

Blog Tip #7: Keep A Backup Of A Backup Of A Backup

If you are hosting your own blog, make sure you have your blog on automated backups. Check with your tech person or hosting service. I’ve worked at hosting companies that didn’t even run backups properly. Call me paranoid if you want but I have seen it from the inside. I backup all my content to a local server. Then I print it and put it in my fire proof safe. I suggest you keep copies of all your work if you want to be pro.

Blog Tip #8: Be Prepared For Success

As a blogpreneur, it’s sometimes good to just start even before the red light turns to green. However, remember this is not an absolute rule. You’ll need to learn when to rev the engine and when to break. For example, when you research your list of potential blog partners, you don’t want to burn your shot in the door. Make sure your blog is tested and working before you approach them. Otherwise you might not get another shot. So when is it a good idea to run the red light? Well, let’s say you have setup a group of insiders who get first dibs at your weekly post. Just tell them that they are getting access to your rawl uncut material and they will love you for it.

Blog Tip #9: Internet Marketing Strategies

Every blog should be treated as a unique business. Different strategies will work for different blogs. You can start with well tested ideas and implement them. Just remember, failure is innevitable when you push the envelope. Expect some trials and error learning experiences. For instance, I tried implementing newsletter joint ventures for my wedding e-commerce site. For newsletter joint ventures to work, other website owners need to be operating a newsletter. Well, I couldn’t find one prominent newsletter in the wedding industry that came close to complimenting my customers. Internet marketers might praise them as gold. However, most internet marketers use newsletters and autoresponders.