Many people come and talk to me about how I started this network marketing business of mine. One of the first things I say is that network marketing is definitely not an easy business. What others say about getting rich quick and that this takes no effort at all to work is all hype – total exaggeration, totally misleading.

You definitely have your work cut out for you in network marketing because there are just so many things to figure out and so many elements to put together. There’s:

Domain name registration

Web design

List building

Lead generation

Content development

The selling process

Customer Management

That partial list can go on and on as you’ll have to think over the startup phase, the marketing mix, the financial inflow and outflow, the daily operations and then expansion and growth. It’s tricky and can be overwhelming as you’ll work on different strategies and different tools to find the right approach for everything.

Since starting out is always the difficult step, here are my top 3 network marketing tips to help start you out the right way:

Step 1 – Choose your network marketing company wisely

Think long-term; don’t jump in from one company to another. Look for a company or a product or service that has a track record of success. Five years of successful business is a good track record. Research further if it has potential for growth, is market demand likely for many years or is it headed towards a dead end. You can refer to our previous blog post if you need help on choosing the right network marketing company: SELECTING A NETWORK MARKETING VENTURE: The Marks Of A Solid Business Opportunity

Step 2 – Choose your upline wisely

Don’t feel compelled to sign up with someone you barely know or you’ve never worked with before just because that someone is the one who presented you with the offer you got interested in. You can definitely choose who to sign up with or you can go at it alone using only the training provided by the company and your own marketing methods. Upline support is crucial to your success because a strong upline can provide you the right training and mentoring to keep you motivated.

Step 3 – Create a funnel for new leads and sales right away

Remember that the whole idea of network marketing is networking. It is very important that you amass an army of marketers who will continue promoting and selling under you. As you build up your group of marketers, new sales get pumped into the business. This ensures continuing income for you and growth for the business. When new leads stop coming in, you discontinue new sales. Without new sales, you’re stuck and not developing. Two things can happen when you get stuck: First thing, you have to make certain to keep things stable, that is, you have to manage to keep all (or a substantial handful) of your existing downline and make sure that they keep on selling, then maybe you can survive on a steady stream of income. Second thing, you can very likely go downhill, as just like in the stock market where stagnant prices indicate economic troubles, a stagnant business is not making progress and can’t go nowhere at all. That’s why you need new blood, to maintain the continuity of sales and income.

The starting steps are critical to your road to success in network marketing. The business is not easy because it requires intricate work. It contains many parts and many details that can really consume you. But, the parts and details are really not difficult to understand and sort out. The business can be easy in the sense that it can be understood and resolved, you don’t need to be an intellectual genius to figure things out. You just really need to devote the time required and put your mind to figuring things out. You can get the right help that’s widely available out there to help you sort things out and with proper decision making on your part you can really make a go of things and be successful in network marketing.