On Page Search Engine Optimization is the process of adjusting your existing website pages to get the site itself to rank in the search engines. This is what comes to mind for most people when they think of Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing.

This is the core of the process. In many cases a site can get results pretty quickly from these efforts. In more competitive markets, like the mortgage industry or real estate, it might take a little longer and we might have to attack it from multiple local campaigns.

There are two main terms that go along with getting a website to show up in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of doing keyword research for the industry that your site is competing in. We find the best keywords to use and then put those keywords into your site. Along with that is adjusting the meta tags. While metas don’t do as much as they used to, they are still nice to have.

Keyword rich content is king when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Content plays a huge role in the level of relevance that the search engines give your site. Not only is it important to have the right ratio of keywords to other words in your site’s content, you also have to have the titles and tags done in the right ratios.

Using the different level headers throughout the content is like giving the search engine spiders a summary of the site. It draws their attention to what that page is about and it is easy for them to index. The reward for making it easier on the search engines is better ranking.

Using Alt Text or Alt Tags (we call them munchies because Google eats them up) in your site is crucial. Alt text are the labels that we give to images that are in your site. The initial purpose for them was if someone was on a computer that was not able to use or see HTML and they could see the text but not the images. The Alt text goes in place of the image so they know what they “would” be looking at. This system also created a secondary level of key word placement that Google loves to give you rewards for.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a very targeted form of marketing using your website and the beneficiary. While SEO deals with the site itself, SEM deals with the resources outside of your site that link back to your site and drive traffic to it.

Google Page Rank is a scale that goes from 1 to 10. This number is based on how relevant Google sees your site in relation to the keywords that you are using to get your site to show up. The relevance is determined by how many sites use your site as a reference by having a link to your site from their site. The higher the page rank of the other site, the more impact it will have on your site.

In addition to the links, Google looks at the text that is around the link to your site. Google wants to see that the link contains some content that is relevant to the topic on the page that they are linking to. This is mostly because when linking became a big feature of page ranking, there was a practice of spam linking created and there were just a bunch of junk links made. To eliminate this, and get back to quality, Google looks at the link itself, who it is coming from, and what it says in relation to your site.

Links from social networks with content that we write creates relevant links that are on topic from larger sites such as Facebook, Linked In, MySpace, Twitter, and all the rest. These types of links are powerful and they are indexed quickly in the search engines which helps grow a nice bank of links. In addition, we work hard to get links directly from high page ranked sites to your site as well.

Video marketing is also another way to create a massive amount of popular, high ranking links to your site.

Article Marketing is a means to write articles and submit to many article directories. Each and every rendition of these articles have links back to your site from very specific, and relevant content that we create for you.

While Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing can work independent of each other, when you work them together with a strategy, you get amazing results.