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Most of this money will be spent on keyword-based search engine advertising, website display ads (basically banner ads and classified ad).

It doesn’t stop there. Marketers are expected to will be spending over $2billion on affiliate marketing according to news from Jupiter Research. Affiliate marketing no doubt is a very powerful marketing tool. Marketers (merchants) only pay for result.

There are several affiliate marketing types. But most preferred by many marketers are pay per sale (CPS – cost per sale as in www.clickbank.com) and pay per lead (CPA – cost per acquisition as in cj, linkshare etc)

Now as an internet marketer and affiliate marketer to be specific what does this figures means to you?

If you have a website (preferably blog site) and you are able to get good contents that people in your market loves. The content that makes them come – back often. You can benefit from over 62billion dollars that will be spent by marketers on banner ads and classified as. You can have banner and text ads on your site.

In same way you get fully involved in affiliate marketing and get your share in over 2billion dollars expected to spend by merchants online.

Let’s do little permutation.

What if you are about to get just 0.01% of $2,000,000,000?

How union california south gate Online without Prescription much did you think you will have? $200,000

I am very sure many will be glad with half or quarter of $200,000.

It is possible my brother.


Third Party Affiliate Company that represents your interest and that of merchants online are:

Pay On Click – You get paid when people click on your ads Google adsense – www.google.com/adsense

Pay Per Lead – (PPL/CPA) you get paid when people signup for an offer after clicking on your ads. www.cj.com, www.linkshare.com, www.adbrite.com, www.affiliatefuel.com

Pay On Sale – you get paid when people buy products after clicking on your ad www.clickbank.com (digital and membership access), cj, linkshare, adbrite, affiliate fuel (physical products)

Important Note: More Resource link for you.

1. You will need postal code to sign up with google adsense. Postal code is different from zip code. You can get postal code of your area on this website:

2. To sign up with clickbank you may need foreign address from mail forwarding service provider. Presently, we are offering UK address. Unfortunately, we can only offer it for limited people. It will only cost you N2, 500. Pay to account no: 4552010001618, account name: Olajide Lateef Olalekan. Text your info payment to 08063121325

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