Test Your Writing Ideas Before You Publish Them

I once turned down a client because she didn’t have your book ready for print. She wanted me to build her a website for the book. I didn’t want to take on the project if it didn’t have a chance of being a success. Well, I was wrong. Now I understand a good entrepreneur will sell their product before they even have the product. This is called pre-selling and its a form of insurance. It removes a certain amount of risk. It’s cheaper to test a few pay per click campaigns to see if your offer catches any action. It’s more expensive to invest tons of money into a new product before even seeing if it sells.

Minimize Your Risk

A wise blogpreneur will find ways to minimize their up front risk when launching a projevt. Employees often start with an idea and all the management support functions. Blogpreneurs start with selling the idea or message. They don’t spend money on management and business supplies until they see the idea is marketable.

Perfect Programming Example

I once had a prospect come to me to build a social network for financial gurus. We sat down and he looked at my portfolio. He came from an corporate analyst background. Well, he didn’t like that my forms weren’t validated. Now he did have a point. Unvalidated forms can present security risks. However, you need to balance the decision of investing money into security. When starting a blog, you need revenues before you start spending money on protection. If you are collecting private data, then yes, you need secure coding from the start. If your blog hasn’t made money yet, why invest into protecting revenue you aren’t making. Why do you tell this? Because you need to prioritize your expenses based on necessity. Don’t spend money on products and services until you really need them for your blog.