Many think it’s a fraud for two reasons:. 1. The initial investment of cash. 2. You can just make the type of cash they assert you can make if you have large lists and loads of marketing experience.

Firstly, I comprehend that for many people the initial expense is a lot of cash however as I’ve just stated, there’s nothing stopping you from starting with the $25 a month package and working your way approximately the others when you see that it works. I also would not purchase the “Masters Refuge” unless you’re really earning a lot of money and you begin to check emails informing you that you have actually missed out on a sale. The master retreat is for the hardcore online marketers who really know what they are doing and are willing to invest the $3500 on a course.

Secondly, with any online marketing system, you need to put in the time and effort to make it work for you. There will certainly always be a lot of people who will certainly state that this doesn’t work which does not work however 9 breaks of 10 it’s hasn’t worked because they haven’t put the time and effort into making it work for them.

Likewise, many never ever like to believe outside the box and try toadjust systems to work for them. Often just by changing one little aspect can have remarkable impacts on your bottom lines. Regrettably most “would be” online marketers aren’t prepared to work for what they earn. They are trying to find a push button system, which earns them a bucket load of cash for zero effort.

Simply put Empower Network DOES work if you are dedicated into investing time, and cash, into this system. Short cut take a look at the pro’s and con’s of Empower Network.

Pros:. Your earning capacity is huge. You still generate income from sales you do not even have to make. Their blogging system is fully practical so you can be working immediately. Their products are entirely incredible for pushing your income potential to the next level. Dave & Dave practically do the selling for you.

Cons: The initial outlay is a bit too much for the average Joe Bloggs. Dave & Dave, while excellent sales guys, should tone down on making people feel like you “have” to be “all in” for this to work. You do need to invest a great deal of time into making the system work. Can be difficult if you are brand-new to web marketing to obtain your around the very best means to market this. Who would take advantage of Empower Network? In all honesty if are brand-new to online marketing then you may struggle to generate results. There will be a high knowledge curve to this. Nevertheless if you understand the principles and basics of online marketing then this could be your chance to generate income online!