Web designers always run against time. The more popular you become in this field the more projects you get, and maintaining the deadline becomes tougher. If you ask any designer what is his biggest issue? He will reply, time management. Time management can improve your work quality and increase your productivity. You can also spend time for recreation and think about new designing ideas when you have free time. If website design projects are keeping you sleepless at night, then here are some helpful tips for you.

Learn to say “no”- Every man has a capacity to do a certain amount of work. You don’t have four hands or four eyes that will help you to do double work in same time. If you can handle 3 web design project in a month, then don’t accept more than that. Sometimes clients may offer you lucrative deals, but unless you are able to handle the projects and deliver it on time, say “no” to the client. There are also some demanding clients who will call you five times a day or meet you twice a week to know about his project. Try to avoid those clients. They will kill your time in futile meetings and useless suggestions. The time you may waste with them can be used in some productive work.

Maintain a daily routine- It may sound like a schoolboy practice, but a routine can actually save your time. When you work without a goal, you waste your precious time. If you are handling two projects at the same time, then you can give 3 hours in morning for one project and 3 hours in afternoon for another project. This way both the projects will progress simultaneously and you won’t feel the pressure of the project deadline. You can also break the working hours for different works of a project. For instance, out of the three hours you can keep two hours for the page design and one hour for logo conceptualization.

Hire experts for the things you don’t know- Its not possible for a web designer to be a jack of all trades. You may not have the expertise in every aspect of website design. For example, if the client asks you to design a Flash banner and you don’t have enough knowledge to do it, outsource the Flash design part to an expert Flash designer. This way you will be able to save your time and also can deliver a professional Flash banner to the client.

Utilize the softwares- The designing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop has some inbuilt functionalities to save your time. If you want to apply a particular color gradient in all the pages, then you can create that gradient and apply it whenever needed. When you predefine a gradient, you don’t need to choose and mix the colors every time you need it.

Get rid of distractions- When you design a website pay attention to it. Tweeting and checking the Facebook status in between your work will not help you to finish the work in time. If you want to spend time in social networks or read interesting blog posts, do it in your leisure time.

Conclusion- When you know how to manage your time, you can work peacefully. Successful designers handle the work pressure and deliver their project on time due to their disciplined approach. You can also follow these guidelines to enjoy both your work and social life.