Seems becoming successful online is becoming literally impossible anymore.Seriously, the internet marketing arena is as huge as an ocean, and compared to a sea full of man eating sharks.Is everyone out to kill one another, or just out for themselves? I mean really guys, come on.To make it in these parts, we have to stick together, and work with one another, in order to ever make it in an ever so changing business,such as the one we love so much.It’s funny because this whole online business idea is so closely also compared to real life. Is it me, am I the only on who seems to fall in love with women who are gone treat me like poop? Are there any women out there who feel like they only fall in love with men who seem to only cause drama within your lives? Likewise we all log-online each and everyday to get defeated. The more we are whooped, it seems is the more we log-on.

Yet when I access this whole thing, I realize that somewhere deep within each of us, lies a winner. We are all seeking the key to success, the next “shiney new, get rich quick software”! While all along the truth lies within, we have all decided that we aren’t gona stop fighting, pushing, and moving forward in this amazing market called internet marketing. As long as we don’t quit and surrender to failure, then we win, right? I recall seeing Lu Pupko a couple years ago, we both was involved in My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and we was both seeking the golden key to success.

Today I am the proud owner of a successfully, saught after Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company.I faught for two, almost three years, trying everything under the moon.I’ma tell ya, if anyone ever faught and failed it was surely me.I think I propably shoulda given up long , long ago.I never thought I’d ever make it.Then finally I started looking into other things,different from network marketing (MLM).Network Marketing was definately NOT for me.From birth, I think that God stamped my certificate,and that stamp said “MLM Failure” right on it.

I am an average 29 year old.Dedicated to success.As an entrepreneur,I have always,all through life been successfull at everything Iv’e ever been involved in.When I started in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at first I thought to myself, “well there’s an extensive learning curve to this one”.I quickly discovered, for clients to rank on the first page of the Big3 (Google, Yahoo & Bing) there is a waiting process of months.I also quickly discovered many other things, such as all the different softwares necissary to manage SEO campaigns.All of this was absolutely foreign to me.I for one would never learn to use a software.

Well, the more I became involved, and the more I learned the bacisc, the quicker I moved toward the more advanced features of the business.I soon met some of the most well known SEO experts within the industry, and for some reason, they took me under their wing! From there I fell in l,ove with SEO, and the shere dedication and passion alone drove me to success in that field.Today,I am happy, and today I love what I now do for a living.I have never in my 29 years been so financially free. What I learned from all of this, is that sometimes we need to look just outside of the box in order to see what we are looking for.

If you are a blogger, or are trying to get your website seen, so that you too can convert leads into sales, then I strongly advise that you find an SEO company and stick with them long term.If your website isn’t in front of your target market, then your website is identical to one of those huge billboard beside the interstate,lost on a deserted island.Today,today it is solely up to you to make the difference to look outside of the box, and start becoming more visible among the internet.Until you learn to actually leverage the power of the internet, you will always be, where you have always been.