Google Secure Search (SSL Search) effect on seo

Since yesterday all users who are identified in the com version of Google will do with the version of SafeSearch finder (with https protocol) or as they are called Google SSL Search. They say it’s to enhance the privacy of users when logged in, but neither I nor anyone else believes it.

How long will Google privacy concerns of users when taking photos everyone in Street View and puts advertising within emails? (very good point of Search News Central)

How you can see in the above tweet, now we can not see the referral of searches carried out by the users logged into Google. Thus we can not know what keywords are coming to our site!

Not only that, what about people who personalization results based on the query entered? Matt Cutts defends himself by saying that whoever did that could be doing Cloaking … well … are not improving the user experience that you demand both? How secure connection affects SEO

According to Google this only affect 10% of searches, which are the percentage of identified users browsing Google. But it will only happen to the organic keywords that the CPC is still shown as before. This big silly justify saying that these data are important so that you can optimize Adwords marketing campaigns. Thus, which demonstrates once again the desire to have Google make things difficult for SEOs. Thus, the SEO will be more expensive and less accurate and do not trust companies more than SEM. Between this and now Google does not give away coupons for inexperienced people to do his first campaigns in AdWords, force people to raise the CPC keywords. Result: Google still earn more money. It looks that you have not had enough of the impressive gains that had this last quarter …

For no fuss brown further has said that 1000 will maintain only keywords in the last 30 days coming from logged users but only visible with Google Webmaster Tool. You really only affect 10% of searches?

Thanks to great analyst and a skeptic Google (doubts absolutely all data that says Google must be-like) when I told him 10% has literally told me or joke. What will happen to the websites that whatever reasons attract a 30% of users logged in with Google? This fact does not seem so crazy, in a case Outspokenmedia speak with his client, whose 30% of users are logged. This have been able to verify the results showing his Analytics, or rather NOT show results as discussed below. Is not it too error? How will we see now with search keywords with secure connection in Google Analytics?

With a magnificent and wonderful “Not Provided”. So wide have been on Google:

How to see the referral and keywords?

All is not lost, but the solution whereas there is a patch (and quite expensive) until Google decides (hopefully) eliminate SSL Search.

An encrypted page (HTTPS) to unencrypted (HTTP) the referral does not happen, but if we move from one page to another encrypted encrypted the referral is maintained.

This means that if accessing a protected landing page with HTTPS protocol get to see the referral from the search with secure connection.

This experiment did in SeoFastStart and were able to make the referral and keywords. And according to the type of web, maybe a microsite a (non-point) campaign, it might be interesting to implement. What Google said after all this?

For only Matt Cutts has pronounced eye saying … you’re going to freak out:

How? What no one has noticed? people are losing data, as we have seen before, in a brutal way and what nobody has noticed? How were they going to justify now SEO campaigns, keywords previously existed and brought trafficsuddenly disappear …

Furthermore, these are very clever and have used to make the Flow in Google Analytics to have entertained the Web Analysts and industry to put out a little so heated atmosphere that has been generated.

Anyway I have looked lords of Google. ¿Do not be evil? … Oh, wait!