Although Overture (now owned by Yahoo) can be used by itself, it’s often better to use it together with another PPC engine, to get the best chance of being seen. Overture is the largest of the PPC engines so it is a great place to start if you’re going to try making money by spending money, but make sure that you don’t try to provide your visitor with too much too quickly. It is very easy to over diversify your online advertisement portfolio and, in effect, pull yourself out of the game with a strained wallet.

Overture does nothing to hide the prices of its advertising from you – they’re straightforward from the beginning. This is a great advantage for users of Overture, as you can never spend more than you want to. You know exactly where your ads will show up, and you can change them as often as you want. The ideology behind Overtures open display of its prices is that an informed customer is the best kind of customer. You never run into customers who complain about what they got because you tell them what they get. This is the kind of attitude that more online utilities and web sites should adapt. It gives web users a fair shake at optimizing the return on their financial investments.

You can include prices and other details in your listing so that people are better informed before they click – this saves you money on people who click and turn out not to be interested. After all, you don’t drop the big bucks just to watch your hits climb. You pay for quality hits that will result in sales or whatever else you are trying to deliver via your web page. Make sure to only pay for key words that are going to deliver quality traffic with sales potential. You should write a different ad for every keyword you’re targeting, taking the time to do it correctly. Use the keyword in the ad, as Yahoo will put it in bold to make it stand out, and more people will click on your ad.

Remember that one of the biggest reasons that you are probably using Overture is that it is so outspoken with its prices. If you are selling something, why not put the price right out there in the advertisement? This is a quick way to avoid getting hits from those users that are seeking free versions of whatever you are selling. Believe me, no matter what you are selling, somebody is trying to get it for free.

Since using Overture gives you more flexibility and room when it comes to writing ads, you’ll be able to do more with them. Other sites you typically give you a standard 3-line ad area and no more, which doesn’t leave much room for creativity. In the case of Overture you can generate spectacular ads that really give you a chance at displaying your product as something that the user would want to buy before they even click on the link.

One thing to remember when you create an advertisement is to state the most important things first, in case some of the ad gets cut off or the reader gets bored before they finish.

When you’re one of the top 5 bidders for a keyword at Overture, you get a little bonus. Yahoo will list you twice when you have one of the top five positions – once at the side of the page, and once at the bottom. If you’re not in the top 5, you’re missing out on this free exposure – so it’s much better to pay a little extra to become #5 than to stay as #6.

Check your advertisements at least weekly, making sure you’re still where you want to be relative to your competitors. Change the ads every time you launch a new product or service, and don’t be afraid to try out new keywords you think of.

Be creative, and create short-term Overture ads for special offers – if you’re offering free shipping or free gifts for a limited time, say so! Use your ads to promote, advertise, and sell. After all, sales are what you’re paying for, right? Many people are unaware that Overture lets you do this, so it’s a chance to stand out.