Product Videos for Ecommerce

96 % say that the videos are useful to help them make their purchasing decisions. Online video is an effective way to promote product awareness and lead the customer to purchase online. According to recent surveys, 73% of adults in the United States are more willing to buy a product after playing an explanatory video on it. Thanks to this video, customers can get quality information about the product, its features and usage. Product videos for ecommerce has proven to be effective, all with a straightforward sales argument, showing its benefits, in order to end up convincing a target audience interested in benefiting from them.

Data was extracted from the analysis of the online behavior of U.S. consumers, more than a thousand (1,014) who had played at least one video, on any device, in the last 6 months. Of these, 94% had some viewing last week. The report indicates that users take their time to access this content.

Small Business should use product videos for online consumers

Another major advantage of an online video strategy is that users not only seek and consume this type of content, but they also contribute to their dissemination, sharing in their environment and spreading the content among their friends. Thus, 89% of users share explanatory videos, a percentage close to 91% of users who share videos of emotional or humorous (94%) subjects.

Another fact which shows that the theme preferred by consumers is not only humorous videos (64 %) is that their demand is equated to the product videos. The study also shows that the type of videos that was more demanded by these users was about the use and application of products or services (67%).

Consumers opt for audiovisual content at the time of purchase, and even have a positive impact on brand image. 96% say that the videos are useful to help them make their purchasing decisions. 77% believe that companies that create this type of content are most committed to their customers.

It is a tool to improve their customer experience that significantly benefits the perception of the brand. 71% indicate that these companies will generate a favorable attitude towards them, while 58% expect more in companies that spend part of their efforts to generate this content.

Therefore, expect companies to strive in creating videos to publicize their products. These videos should not be very long, but clear and direct. 83% of consumers preferred that these videos do not go above 5 minutes, with a clear and direct development where shown to detail the characteristics of the product and how it can improve the client’s life. 42% would like to have more of videos about products. The sectors where this type of content is most in demand are electronics ( 57%), restaurants (39%), travel (34% ) , fitness and exercise (33 % ) , automotive ( 31%) and to promote events and conferences ( 30%).