We all want to know what they are. By “they,” I mean the best advertising tools and methods for your business. There are hundreds of ways you can advertise nowadays, but not all of them work. Some of them actually hurt your business, while others only work under certain circumstances. A lot of business owners are interested in trying new things, but their first priority is keeping their company afloat. Because of this, they’re looking for a few advertising ideas that will work for almost any circumstance. It’s important to have variety, but if that variety becomes the norm you lose efficiency. In light of this, here are a few of the best advertising tips for just about any situation.

1.Be “Human”

This can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, so I’ll go into more detail. Your advertisement should have a face to it. You could have 1000 people in a TV commercial, but if the audience doesn’t connect to a human presence, then it’s all for nothing. You need to have a living creature or personified object engage your audience directly. This brings up the ironic point that you don’t need a human in your advertisement to be human, and even if you do have humans in your advertisement, they might not come across as human to the audience. The best advertising scenarios are ones that connect to people, and being human is the easiest way to make that happen.

2.Be Reserved

I’m sure all of us have seen those car commercials with the salesman saying the same thing over and over again: “Buy now, buy now, buy now,” or something along those lines. We get so used to it, that we expect every car dealership commercial to be the same. Most of them are, but every so often you get those select few dealerships that try to throw a joke into the mix. These are usually so awful, we’re actually relieved to hear the “Buy now, buy now” message. This is an example of overdoing it. If your advertisements are all about giving straight facts and being direct, then it’s probably a bad idea to throw a random joke in there, especially if it’s a bad one. The best advertising methods are reserved in the fact that they know not to overload their ads with every single tactic they can find in the book.

3.Be Confident

No one is going to have more faith in your company than you. So it stands to reason that you have to be even more excited about your business than you want your customers and employees to be. Have confidence in your products and services, and that confidence will shine through in your advertisements. This doesn’t mean get cocky though. You will lose even more support that way than if you were a timid and quiet business owner. Understand why you have faith in your ideas, and why other people should as well. Once you have that figured out, you have absolutely no reason to doubt yourself. Just give people the hard facts, and they’ll be able to tell if you believe what you say or not.