The media landscape is changing. Where television, print and radio where the core media two decades ago, the online world plays an even bigger part in our lives today. New media are full of new opportunities, also for marketing strategies: from video’s and social media platforms to interactive games and innovative mobile websites. If we take a look at these statistics from the Dutch market, we notice that television together with radio and newspapers are doing less and less business these days. Daily newspapers lost half of their advertising income and a quarter of their paid subscribers in the period from 2004 till 2013. That is a situation, that calls for changes in the nearby future. However all publishers are struggling with the question how to make money with high quality journalism.

The changing media landscape isn’t only a challenge for these long existing media, but also for marketers and their marketing strategies. How do we respond to the new focus on new media? And can we still use our beloved ‘old media’ for some great campaigns that almost always succeeded in the past?

These questions can also be asked in the case below.

The trend of plug-in hybrid and full electric cars exists now for a couple of years. Many brands have followed the product launches of the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf and introduced one, or in some cases more, plug-in or full electric vehicles. Audi didn’t adopt to this trend until recently. Their A3 sportsback model will come in an plug in electric version and can be ordered from 2014. Allthough Audi’s slogan is ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’, this is their first mass production electric vehicle. With their long time rival BMW filling the order books with the i3 from this month, the Audi importer in the Netherlands must have thought, that they should call for some media attention.

Audi chose a medium that fits in traditional pattern and reaches a big audience in one day. The power of the newspaper. Maybe because other brands, like BMW, already have an electric vehicle on sale, they might have wanted to show their own EV in a short amount of time. That goal is achieved.

Premium EV lovers will think it is great that Audi comes with new — electric — technology for their beloved A3, but you can question if the switch to new technology, is also the perfect timing for a new media strategy as well? Is the use of ‘old media’ something that suits the automotive industry? Or is this the moment to adopt to the changing media landscape?