With their training materials for online businesses and Blog Beast – a viral blogging system which is also the flagship product of the company, Empower Network Products is now offering a direct and multifaceted marketing approach to their customers. Keeping up with the demands and expectations of the market and new technological developments Empower Network has not only experienced unparalleled growth and success as never before but over a period of last two years or so has created a community of conscious blogging phenoms.

With their highly skilful tools and excellent training materials members of the Empower Network has almost completely changed the way people interact and engage with others online. It not only allows its members to improve upon their online business as well as themselves but also provide them with a way of earning online.

The Empower Network Blog Beast or Empower Network 2.0 is actually a new platform which is a lot more powerful and faster than its previous version allowing the users to work smartly and with better efficiency for their online business. With the Blog Beast users can now access multiple blogs from different domains with a single account and log in id. The Blog Beast has already been made available to many online bloggers and according to the presidents of Empower Network, who are also the testers of the program – Blog Beast is certainly an improvement upon all blogging software presently available in the market.

Ability to use mobile apps for synchronizing a blog with tablets and smartphone along with features those can still be used from a compute has made the Blog Beast from Empower Network stand apart from other blogging software presently available in the market. Though Empower Network first started with the WordPress blogging platform but the platform grew to be complicated with time making it difficult for bloggers to customize and personalize their blogs. The simplicity and easy usability of Blog Beast have made it outperform other popular blogging platforms as even a tech newbie will be able to use the system easily and comfortably.

Blog Beast can use mobile apps for recording both audio and videos and instantly uploading them to a blog. There is also a feature that will allow the user to do the same from their computers. Another most impressive feature of the platform is its capability of sharing or re-blogging a post of someone else giving the due credit back to the original post. Blog Beast also allows an user to share the comments on his blog post on popular social networking sites thus generating useful backlinks leading to that particular blog. Another most sought after feature of the platform is restricting the visibility of certain posts only to the members of the team.