Becoming a full-fledged professional bloggeris a tricky endeavor, one that cannot promise uniform rewards for everyone. In the case of some bloggers, the rate of their profit could resemble a smooth upward incline, describing a steady progression towards bigger and bigger earnings. Other bloggers, however, make money blogging at a slower pace, and are at a loss about how they can improve their earnings.

If blogging hasn’t been the rewarding experience you had hoped it would be, don’t despair. Below is a list of common reasons why your efforts aren’t paying off yet, even if you think that you’ve followed every rule in the book:

1. It’s too early to be expecting rewards:

Blogs take a long time before they can get recognition and be established as a credible source of information for a particular niche. Because of this, it’s probably going to take a while before you see any rewards from your efforts. Competition is stiff in the blogosphere, and much of the first months (or the first year!) of your blog will be spent in establishing why you’re different from the rest. Until you’ve actually made a name for yourself (and your blog), revenue will be hard to come by.

For some people, it takes only three months before the cash starts rolling in. For others, however, it can take longer than a year before any rewards seem apparent. Be patient, work hard at your blog, and your efforts will pay off sooner or later – exactly when that will happen is still a mystery.

2. Ads have taken over your blog:

You put up your blog in the hopes of getting some extra cash, and one of the first things you do is plaster your blog with Google Adsense in the hopes that your blog will be a revenue market. Smart idea? Absolutely not. When you’re first starting out, the last thing you want to do is drive away readers, which is exactly what you’ll end up doing if you cover your blog with ads at the get go. Keep advertising to the barest minimum if your blog is still new, and work on building your reputation through the quality of your blog posts.

3. You don’t update enough:

Regular and frequent updating is crucial in making your blog retain a high place in search engine rankings. If you think you’re doing a good job by updating around three or four times a week, you’re in for quite a surprise. If you’re just new to the blogging game, you’re expected to update your blog as frequently as possible. If you can make at least one blog post for each day of the working week, great! If you can blog even on weekends, even better! Constant updating pushes search engines to index your site just as frequently, eventually bumping your site up to a higher spot in search engine rankings.

4. Money is your only purpose: This is one of the most fundamental mistakes that bloggers commit: blogging only for the sake of money and nothing else. While it’s okay to want to make money blogging – who doesn’t? – what’s more important is for you to actually be passionate about what you’re writing and to be devoted to your blog and its progress. Bloggers who are in it only for the money tend to flood their sites with marketing gimmickry that don’t yield long term benefits. More dedicated and substantial blogs, however, are the winners in the long run.

If you’re not making as much money from blogging as you would have liked to, don’t be discouraged. Just refine your blogging strategy, keep away from the common pitfalls we named here, and your blog should pick up its pace – and churn out higher revenues – in due course.