Mistake #2: Not Updating Your Photo

Another big oversight when using Twitter for marketing your business, just like not taking time to write your bio… If you leave the little ‘Twitter Bird’ as your profile photo you are sending a message that you aren’t very serious about Twitter. With over 28 million unique visitors on average PER DAY in the month of May 2010 (from Compete.com), giving Twitter users that impression will get you nowhere.

What to do instead: Take a few minutes and put a good picture of YOU up in your profile. If your account is for your brand, then you can use your company’s logo, but be aware that social networks are for socializing. People expect to interact with a person, not a business, and when you put yourself there as a ‘brand’ people may not respond as well. (The exception is bigger brands, where people anticipate that there will be a customer representative running the account.) Ultimately the decision of personal image or brand image will be part of your overall internet marketing strategy, and knowing the limitations and benefits of each when using Twitter for marketing will help you make a better decision. In some instances having one of each – an account for your brand and one for you personally can be the answer. The thought of running two Twitter accounts totally overwhelming? It can be super simple, and take less time than it takes you to run one account now, if you have the right tools and the right plan. Check out Twitter Sales in 12 Minutes A Day to learn more about the daily Twitter plan that can help you build followers, build relationships and make sales – all in under 12 minutes a day.

Oh – and it should not need to be mentioned, but because it’s out there more than you might expect – if you decide to use a picture of you it needs to be tasteful, preferably professionally taken, with a nice friendly smile. Don’t use a profile photo of a celebrity, your kids, your dog or your favorite stuffed animal. Take your Twitter account seriously – understand it’s a part of your online ‘resume’ and act accordingly. (A quick note: statistics show that one of the biggest factors in people’s decision to follow or friend someone in social media has lots to do with a friendly smile… it’s worth the investment in a professional photo.)