Affiliate marketing is a web-based marketing strategy where a merchant gives a small amount of money to a website it’s affiliated with for every transaction that comes to them as a direct result of the affiliate website’s efforts.

While many online retailers continue to shy away from this practice as an effective way to increase traffic to their sites, affiliates do play an ever-increasing role in the marketing strategies of a great many online businesses. The fact is, a great many merchants prefer this marketing method because it rewards marketers only when they generate revenue. Furthermore, affiliate marketing can enhance the other more high-profile marketing practices such as SEO, bookmarking and search engine marketing.

Here’s something for you to know, affiliate marketing is at its most effective when used strategically alongside other internet marketing methods including: SEO, PPC Marketing and e-mail marketing. Sites that use Web 2.0 concepts, including blogging, user communities and RSS feeds have found success with integrating affiliate marketing practices in these areas as well.

Affiliate marketing networks tend to vary in structure. Most are hierarchical and pay out within a certain pecking order. Very few use two-tier programs Unlike multi-level-marketing (MLM) or network marketing programs, there are also very few requirements to become an affiliate.

As far as affiliate compensation, most merchant websites now use a cost per sale (CPS) revenue sharing process. This CPS method works like this: if a merchant receives a sale as a direct result of a customer clicking on a link at an affiliate’s site, the affiliate marketer is compensated. Older methods including cost per mile are becoming less common for compensating affiliates

“Survival of the fittest” is the only real or effective regulating concept currently in place in the world of affiliate marketing. Those affiliate marketers who do well work as homesteaders much like their predecessors in the “Wild Wild West” which could be the main reason why there still is no real standard operating procedure for affiliate marketers.

In conclusion, almost anyone can be an affiliate marketer at the comfor of their home. I personally know many successful marketers who are affiliates so there is no reason why you cannot do it.

Affiliate Marketers often use tools associated with Article Marketing because Unique Articles can drive massive amounts of visitors to the affiliates blog websites.