You can use the Internet to start a profitable information product business by finding out what information people are after so you can sell them related products.

By doing what is known as ” keyword research” you can find out if the topic of your product is actively searched for by mass amounts of people on the Internet through search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

What Are Keywords?

A keyword or keyword phrase is simply the text you enter into a search engine such as Google when you want to search for a particular topic online. Search engine activity is one of the purest online indicators that you as an Internet marketer have to gauge the interest level of a particular topic online.

Using The, Digital point. Com And Wordtracker.Com Keyword Tools

Your first task is to take the market research that you’ve done up until this point (via magazines, books, television channels, shows etc) and make a list of all to the subjects you are considering.

After you have made your list of-topics, head over to one of the following web addresses…

Now, on all three of these pages there is an online tool called a ” Keyword Suggestion” tool. You just enter a term that you want to research into the search box of one of these tools. All these tools are connected to a large database of Internet related information and they will show you an estimate of how many times a specific word (often called a” keyword” ) or phrase (often called a” keyword phrase” ) has been searched for by internet users worldwide on a daily and monthly basis. This information is made available through companies that sample the search habits of millions of internet users. This data is gathered from very popular search engines like Google & Yahoo.

Google’s keyword tool is very important if you plan to advertise your product or service through their internet advertising service aptly named Google Adwords as over 80% of all internet web searches are done at Google. Therefore Google is in the unique position of having access to the search data from billions of searches that are performed every day and they are sharing this information with business owners like you through their keyword suggestion tool. Wordtracker.Com also has a paid service that will give you much more detailed keyword information. They have two different plans which allow you to access their advance keyword research services for $59 per month or $329 for a full year. It’s not very cheap but Wordtracker is one of the best keyword research tools online and they do allow you to try the service free for seven days.

Now, the only thing that you have to do with these tools is enter one of your words into the field labeled ” Phrase…” at Google’s and DigitalPoint’s keyword tool or ” Keyword” at Wordtracker. Then click on the [Get Keyword Ideas] at Google, the [Suggest] button at Digital Point or the [Hit Me] button at WordTracker.

You may be asked to enter some obscure sequence of letters and numbers (called a CAPTCHA) before you can begin your research. Just enter the numbers and letters as the site requests and click the button. What you will see next is a listing of the words you are researching as well as other phrases that are closely related to what you entered. The numbers that you see are estimates of how many times that particular keyword phrase will be searched for on a daily basis.

These tools are actually telling us two of the most important things we need to know

They tell you WHAT people in a specific interest group are searching for (if there is an active market searching for specific information).

They tell you HOW often people look for this information on a daily or monthly basis (the general interest level or demand of the market).

These tools allow you to pin point exactly what topics people are interested in. Once you know this you can create an information product (or line of information products) that is so TARGETED to a particular niche that when many people in this interest group see your product they will be more than willing to purchase it.