So You Want To Make Money Working From Home? Where on Earth do you begin? The opportunities are endless and you only have so many hours in the day. The great news is that the Internet has now brought genuine relief to many would be entrepreneurs. These days it is relatively simple to build your web-site and become an affiliate and sell other people’s products. There is not a business like it, for less than a hundred dollars you could start something that has the potential to literally make you a millionaire, if not overnight, then certainly within one year.

So why do over 94% of all Internet businesses fail? With over 8 billion pages now listed on Google that 94% could represent a pretty figure (you do the maths) so to come up with a couple of line answer why all those businesses failed would be pointless. But there is a basic law of economics that says there is no such thing as a free lunch. Sure, there are plenty of offers out there, promising untold riches by software programs that will build your virtual empire overnight. The bit they conveniently forget to tell you is that are recycling content and as a consequence their chance of stardom is very short lived. The last thing Google wants is to fill it’s databases with regenerated rubbish. In truth, they are now very active in closing (or at least delisting) those sites that use this questionable software. That really highlights the problem, this is all so new, after all the Internet proper has only been truly available to the public for around 10 years. Where’s the experience? In truth, it is like the wild west of old, but now the lawmen are riding into town. That is why if you are thinking about starting a home based net marketing business there are many pitfalls that you should consider. At times like these it is useful to fall back on old adages such as:

“If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”

One we’ve already used in this article:

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch”

and one that I’ve just made up:

“Fireworks may climb and rocket into the sky very quickly, but when the fizz runs out, they come back to Earth even quicker”

My final piece of advice, whichever home based business you are considering, please do THOROUGH research prior to committing time and effort into any program. I lied, this is my last piece of advice:

“If I have got 8 hours to chop down a tree, then I will spend 7 of those 8, sharpening my axe”