Do you still wonder why social networks are essential to your business? Social networking is no longer an option in the marketing strategy of companies if they want to keep afloat and walk the walk.

What can social media do for your business?

Developing the online presence of a brand is a strategy that can be very effective for both small and large companies.

The data in the infographic developed by TheSocialLights (see Bellow) show that 82% of small and medium enterprises have been able to increase their potential customer base through its activity in Social Media. Meanwhile, 90% said their effectiveness comes as a tool to improve brand awareness. To get engagement through social media can be very profitable for these companies, 86% of active Twitter users state that they regularly purchase products from those SMEs which follow in this medium. Therefore, social networks are no longer an option to be excluded in the marketing strategy of companies, but play a decisive role. No less than 92% of marketers use Social Media for marketing purposes. 70% support the effectiveness of Facebook, when it comes to getting clients; while 43% were in favor of Twitter as a tool to get customers.

Social Media and recommendations

Furthermore, social networks are emerging as an effective channel to conquer the Millennial generation, the most active group in this medium, which also starred most conversions. For them, social networks are a source of information when making purchasing decisions. They demand and consume information according to recommendations, ratings and reviews of their peers. For them, the recommendations are the most influential factor when it comes to choosing what to buy, 50% of them find this information more relevant that the information shared by the brands themselves. Furthermore, 72% trust these reviews and ratings as well as the recommendations from friends.

Customer service in Social Media

Another relevant aspect that generates confidence from the brand is the ability to act in a timely manner in digital channels; thus demonstrating a genuine interest in the customer and their needs. Consequently, customers (42%) expect to get a response from Brands through Social Media within a maximum period of one hour.

The proper reaction from users, depend on the brand to be able to gain the trust of their target audience and gain a foothold in their mind.

Thanks to this relationship of trust, and two-way communication established between brand and customer, brands will benefit from a constant feedback, which will help them improve their service, guide their product and design strategies to maintain the interest of their target audience.