For more than a year, I have been doing the traditional SEO and though I had a little success in it, I’m kind of tired implementing those loads of tasks. Not to mention the always changing rules of Google that makes you crazy sometimes. I was able to rank my sites on few keywords only to find out that with just a little shaking from Google, my sites are gone again. This is really frustrating since I always try my best to follow their rules by doing unique content and what not and yet I still fail often.

But I found my success in video marketing!

I already learned before that I can use Youtube as well in my SEO but I did not really explore its full potential at that time. I was just using it as one of the many things I do to drive traffic to my site. What I discovered however is that, Youtube is so powerful that I can even use it to promote products and services even without a site!

I’m a video editor myself so I don’t have any problem with regards to making videos technically. Moreover, making videos is one of my passions so video marketing is a perfect fit for me. But how to market products through Youtube videos was my problem at first.

While keep on browsing on things, I found Tube Traffic Secrets by Jeff Johnson and joined his mailing list. He gave free training videos and cheat sheets on ranking videos on Youtube and that was a great help for me. I was so inspired to create more videos and follow those rules he taught. He also opened a paid course but I was not able to join since the fee is a bit expensive for me.

I had a few success in applying those things I learned from Jeff Johnson’s free training. I’m surprised that I was able to rank some of my videos in Google after an hour! However, I was just shooting for keywords with very low competition. The good thing I found out about Youtube is that, it is fast to index, which is way better than my new sites.

Discovering a very cheap yet valuable training that changed my video marketing life!

I was planning to join Tube Traffic Secrets soon but my budget is really not enough. While playing around the internet, I found this site that gives away a free video marketing training. I signed up to his list and downloaded the free eBook right away. I learned a lot of new things from that eBook. There are many things there that were not mentioned by Tube Traffic Secret free training. The author of the book Joshua Zamora is saying as well that he is teaching more things is his paid case study training. I looked for that training right away and I realized that the course is very cheap!

His free eBook alone shows that he is giving some valuable information so I also bought his paid course titled Tube Takeover. This course is awesome and with a very affordable price, it is almost a steal! I learned a lot of “dirty tricks” that Joshua is using to rank his Youtube videos, even if the keyword has a very high level of competition.

I finished the training for like a day only because I was so excited to learn. I then applied the things I learned right away. I looked for keywords for weight loss that has like medium to high level of competitions. Some of Joshua’s tricks are “gray hat” though but what the heck, if they are the way to rank my Youtube videos easily then why not do them? Within the first week alone, my 3 weight loss videos are now on the page one of Google!

The next challenge – making a sale!

It is useless to rank in the first page of Google though if you don’t make any sale out of it. So far, those weight loss videos made a few sales but I want more! I’m still learning a lot today because I want to be more successful in this field. What I realized is that, you can be more successful if you are willing to invest your time and money into something. I was not able to rank those weight loss videos if I only depended on free things. I actually bought some tools and outsourced some tasks to achieve my goal.

Here is screenshots of one of the weight loss videos I ranked in less than a week…